Against NZ Asset Sales Russel Norman David Shearer

DSC01951Sale Of Public Assets Likely To Be Stalled:

Note:  View Merrilyn’s June 2013 post 9 months after this one:  Support Greens Labour Campaign To Save NZ Assets: 

Only one weekend to go to get signatures for the referendum.  Forms have to be in by 30th June, 2013.

TVNZ Channel 3 Interview:  Great to see Greens Co-leader Russel Norman, and Labour leader David Shearer being interviewed TOGETHER on New Zealand television, Channel Three a few mornings ago, around the 2nd September, 2012.

More on the Protest Against The Sale of NZ State-Owned Assets:  Great that Channel 3 is giving these politicians the time to have their say against asset sales, and great to see these two politicians, one from Greens, one from Labour, joining forces against John Key’s National government’s drive to sell off our assets and leave us with nothing.

Last year there seemed to be a trend to frequently put John Key on the  television news, and on the breakfast shows, doing nothing better than acting as a salesman for the rich investors waiting behind the scenes to grab up our precious assets.  And I still don’t see why John Key’s photo had to appear on the right side of a picture of men fighting in Afghanistan on last night’s news, 3 September 2012 – I think Channel 1.  He had nothing to do with the news item.   He is NOT putting his life at risk, as the soldiers in Afghanistan are,  who were shown in the footage on the left of the screen.

Putting John Key’s picture up so often on telly is simply advertising for his national government.  He gives opinions on everything these days, when we used to have the specialists on the subject being discussed.  Now we have John Key on everything, from education, to Christchurch re-build, to wars.  He and Jerry Brownlee have completely usurped the authority of even the Mayor of Christchurch.

John Key knows little about any of these things, in my opinion.   And he doesn’t even speak the same language as the rest of us. Having his say on every little thing  is a deliberate ploy to publicize himself in time for the next election.  Our television channels should not be giving him so much say on our telly, and nor should they put up photos of John Key when it is not necessary.  TV are playing into the hands of John Key by continuing to do this.

Campaign Against The Sale Of Public Assets:  So – good to see Russel Norman and David Shearer together on TV3 talking about their referendum on asset sales, which they plan to get done fairly shortly.  They are very close to their target of 350,000 signatures for a referendum to take place.

These precious assets belong to the public, the people of New Zealand, each and every one of us. If they are sold off, we will be left with nothing.  N othing, except, for an even higher cost of living.  Because power will most certainly go up in price if John Key has his way, and his wealthy mates take even more control of our state.

The whole reason that private and overseas investors want to buy these power-making assets of ours – to make profits.  The National government under John Key reckon they are getting in a quick-fix solution to our money problems, but this is really a smoke-screen for what is happening behind the scenes.  It’s profit they want, not for the people, but for the select few in charge of our economy.

One has to think outside the square a little – What do you have to do, to frighten a little country – or even a bigger one, such as India – into selling off its most precious things – power stations, gold mines, coal mines, the sand on the beaches – anything?  You rig up a scheme to make the people poor, for a start.

Depriving people of enough food to eat, or a job to pay for it,  is a quick way to dispirit a people and make them despondent.  Despondent people get past caring about the wider picture, because they can only think about where the next meal is coming from.  They will most probably not even turn out to vote, which could be to your advantage if you belong to the wealthy-man’s party, and are already in control.

So – Adding even more GST onto an already high tax on our basic food items is one way you can dispirit the people, and convince the poor that our country really is in a bad shape.  This gives a government even more control over its people and the economy.

There are many people who are experiencing poverty in this country, albeit unnecessarily.  These people are led to believe that the whole country is in a state of collapse, because of their own hardship, and this can make them complacent..  They may even think that asset sales might be a good thing.  (Actually, around 80% of New Zealanders believe that we should NOT sell our assets).

But the poverty in our country New Zealand is a contrived thing.  Our country has been purposely made poor by the national government’s unwillingness to change anything for the better.  They have deliberately made things worse for the poor, and even hard for the middle-to-low income earners – Increasing GST tax on food is one way in which the people have been made to suffer in New Zealand.  – Not even the UK has a tax on essential food items.

Destroy Affordable Housing For the Poor:  The next strategy of the National government to disenfranchise the working classes was to ruin the existing housing scheme.  The national government have destroyed thousands upon thousands of good state houses, and dislocated the communities of people living in these areas of our cities.

Third strategy for power – To Disenfranchise the middle classes as well –  Easy.  All you do is to allow thousands of very rich people into the country each year, millionaires from China and Hong Kong, so that they buy up all our properties. Then only the very rich in NZ will be able to afford a house at all.  House prices have soared, especially in Auckland. Not even a young working couple can buy a house there anymore, unless they have family money to get them started.   Making houses unaffordable for the working classes is another way of controlling ‘the masses’.  Complete disenfranchisement of the people is the ‘Key’ to power.  Leave the people with nothing, and with no hope about improving their future.  Then you will have complete and utter control.

To help things along, regarding taking complete control, it also helps to ‘dumb-down’ the population.  This is dead easy to do.  Keep alcohol prices cheap, and don’t raise the drinking age again.  The more people who drink alcohol and smoke dope, the better, because they will be less likely to keep a keen eye on what you, the politicians, are up to, and they really won’t care anyway.  And you will net a wide range of people – everybody from families without jobs, to middle-income earners, to university students.  Get these people hooked, and they certainly won’t be bothered voting our the National government in favour of the Greens or Labour.

And meanwhile, you let the property-owning rich people off with their taxes.  You give them a big TAX CUT for the RICH, and you do not charge a capital gains tax on their profits from property.  ALL other civilized countries in the world have a profits-from-property-investment tax which we call a ‘Capital Gains Tax’.

The final phase of complete world domination is when the already-rich and powerful international corporations own all the resources.  They have their eye on our public owned assets, and have an ally in John Key.   If the ‘John Keys’ of the world get hold of our assets, we will literally have nothing left.  We can be manipulated at will by the powers that be above us, the wealthy and the corporations.  Beware of Monsanto and all big corporations. Beware of these business corporations who want to buy our assets.

An extreme example of how rich countries get to dominate and control people and their valuable resources can be seen in the Middle East, in Iraq, and in Nigeria.  Nigeria is one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world.  The majority of Nigerians suffer extreme poverty and a violent society.

The forceful rich countries and corporations have helped to create social unrest in these places, so that they can easily exploit the resources. They add to social unrest by taking advantage of an already existing ethnic or religious problem, by keeping the people poor, turning a blind eye to drug trafficking, and adding to the violence.   They will either do nothing, whilst they continue to mine resources, or they rush in with their weapons, pretending that they are defending the rights of the good and honest citizens.  When really, they are only interested in these countries because of the wealth they contain.

Breaking the spirit of the people is one of the best ways to get control of a country and its people.  If you can make them lose hope, make things so incredibly difficult for them, create social unrest, ruin their houses, increase food costs, and give them no work, then you are half-way there to getting your own way – such as sellling off the public assets.  A little more of this kind of heartless treatment, then they really will be past caring what you do with your public assets……They will most probably not even turn out to vote.

This is why there is a world-wide economic crisis.  There is no physical reason for a crisis existing, as Trillions of dollars are banked off-shore so that taxes can be avoided.  The amount of money banked in safe-havens, where they avoid tax, is supposed to be more than the whole of the European debt combined.

The economic crisis has been invented, so that the already rich companies gain complete control over the world and its resources:  When the people get desperate, the powerful corporations lurking in the background, pulling the strings, can buy up even more of  land, houses, and public assets.  It has been happening in India as well.

You can sign the petition against asset sales, if you haven’t done so already, by going to either the Greens website, or the Labour Party one.  You can also donate money specifically towards the KEEP OUR NEW ZEALAND ASSETS campaign. Same again – go to either Greens or Labour website page to donate money to help with the campaign.


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