Aids Story Dream of Ding Village Banned In China

DSCO 1851Censorship In China:  BBC gave us a documentary around the 27th November, 2012 on the subject of censorship of art and the written word in China.

It seems that not just controversial, political items are being censored, but anything which alludes to unpleasant subjects, or subjects which do not aid the communist regime’s projected positive image of itself.

The story written by Yan Lianke entitled ‘Dream of Ding Village’ is one story which has been banned.  This is about an AIDS epidemic of the 1990’s, which actually did strike the village Yan Lianke describes.  The book disappeared off all bookshelves on the third day after publication, and has been banned.

One Chinese commentator a couple of weeks back said, when the Beijing arts festival was on, that “Yes – We have freedom of expression.  As long as you don’t mention “THE THREE TEES’ –

Tibet – Tiananmen Square massacre –  and Tiwan.”

But it seems that the Chinese authorities are now cracking down on all writings and art which does not portray China in a pure light.

John Key of the National Government, New Zealand, needs to become aware of the fact that the more we deal with such governments, the more we will be polluted by their ethics, their morality, whilst our own code of ethics will be undermined.

Alas. TV3 News tonight, 30th November, 2012, has announced that the extensive New Zealand Crafer Farms are as from today, the property of the Chinese.  Thus is the influence of John Key and his National government.

A recent example of how easy is the erosion of our social, economic, and legal structures, when a small country like New Zealand bows down to a higher emminence, is the instance of John Key CHANGING THE LAW IN NEW ZEALAND SO THAT ALL FILM WORKERS WORKING FOR HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANIES HAVE NO LABOUR LAWS PROTECTING THEM.  Film workers working in New Zealand now do not have the same rights as their overseas counterparts.  We are exempt from any scrutiny by the Department of Labour, or the Unions, because John Key’s government has changed the law to suit the Hollywood movie-makers.  Our NZ film workers are now  termed contractors, and as such, do not have the rights of people permanently employed in any other sector in New Zealand.  No holiday pay.  No accident compensation if an accident occurs.  No over-time rates, even if you have worked beyond your eight hours a day.  And so on.

John Key has shown how keen he is to please the Hollywood movie giants, and the FBI.  It seems he will do anything to placate the bosses of big business in America and China.  He allowed New Zealand authorities here to spy on Kim Dotcom, when in fact, this was illegal to have a government agency spying on Kim, when he is a New Zealand resident.  He is making it easy for rich Chinese businessmen to enter our country without the usual visa requirements.  Winston Peters has pointed out that this action will also encourage Chinese criminals into New Zealand, by giving them easy access.

And John Key turns a blind eye to the fact that our houses are being bought up by the wealthy from China and other places.  The Chinese land grab, and other overseas investment, is swallowing up our affordable housing.  Our houses here are becoming scarce and unaffordable, because our houses are owned by overseas investors who do not have to pay tax on their investments.

Slowly by slowly, with the help of John Key, our laws are being changed to suit the rich countries, America and China, whilst our land is being over-run, mainly by the Chinese.  Our way of life will soon be changed forever, because the more we deal with these countries which are greedy and monopolising on the one hand, and have no respect for human life on the other, the more we will be polluted by their politics,and the more our rights will be eroded.

Our written and visual media is already censured to a degree, but we can expect more changes in the future – things are likely to tighten up even more in the favour of big business, the Hollywood media giants, and the Chinese, under John Key’s rule.

We should not be selling out to a country which will not acknowledge the Tibet take-over, the Tianenmen Square massacre, or Tiwan issues, or which banns a book about an AIDS epidemic in China.  And nor should we be kow-towing to one which makes billions from making films in our country, but which does not recognize workers’ rights.


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