Auckland Earthquakes NZ Civil Defence Say Prepare

DSC01936Astrological Influence:  Two Earthquakes St Patrick’s Day 17th March, 2013, in Auckland, as Mercury Goes Direct in Pisces.

Photo by Merrilyn.

Yes – just after the New Moon on the 13th March, Mercury went Direct. Mercury has been doing its Retrograde  motion in Pisces, putting tension on the Sun energy which is also presently in Pisces.  On the day which Mercury changes, either from Direct Motion to Retrograde Motion, or vice versa, we usually see dramatic changes in weather patterns.  The changeover of Mercury can also tip the edge of something waiting to happen, such as an earthquake, or a volcanic eruption.  The changeover can also cause emotions to spill over where emotions or thoughts have been bottled up for a while.  Suicides are likely to increase at these times, as are instances of alcoholism and family violence.

The challenging effect of the Mercury aspect was accentuated by the fact that Saturn is also Retrograde at the present time – until the 8th July, 2013.  The first week in July up until the 9th of July will be a vulnerable time for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in New Zealand, by my reckoning.

These earthquakes are ominous. Civil Defence warn Aucklanders to be prepared for a disaster, following the two quakes which struck Auckland yesterday.  These were measured at 3.1 and 3.9 magnitude on the Richter scale.  Their epicentre was around 6 kilometres deep below Motutapu Island, which sits out in the Auckland Hauraki Harbour, alongside Rangitoto.  These islands are only several kilometres away from the centre of the city, where the hub of the city with its port, fabulous hotels, casino and the like all lay.

Now Rangitoto apparently blows up every 600 years, and it is just over 600 years since the last eruption.  So……..Get ready, Auckland.

Aucklanders are famous for their attitude:  ‘It won’t happen here’.  The city is built upon and around a multitude of volcanoes:  We have Mt Eden, Mt Wellington, Mt Roskill, and a lake sitting in a volcanic crater right in the heart of Takapuna on the North Shore, but still the  prevailing attitude amongst Aucklanders is ‘It won’t happen here’.

The earthquakes which struck Auckland yesterday are supposed to be the most notable recorded since the relatively large one which struck in 2007.  I missed the earthquake that year, as I had just boarded a plane for Coolangatta, near Brisbane, when the earthquake struck, but apparently it really shook the socks off Aucklanders, who never ever expected to experience an earthquake in Auckland.  Maybe a volcanic eruption, but never an earthquake, they thought.  It so happens that earthquakes often precede a volcanic eruption.  People in the Taupo region have reported that small earthquakes came for several weeks before the eruptions of Ruapehu and Tongariro.

‘We are not on the earthquake belt’, Aucklanders say.  ‘Wellington and Napier-Hastings are the cities which get earthquakes.  Not Auckland.’  But then, Christchurch never expected earthquakes, either, yet they hit there in a way which has devastated the city, with many lives being lost.

Yes – Auckland most certainly can expect more earthquakes, as well as a major volcanic eruption or two.


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