David Shearer’s Plea Against Sale Of NZ State Assets

Environmental Economic and Political Concerns For Our Country New Zealand:

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I have jsut received this auto-generated email from David Shearer, who is leader of our Labour Party.  I post this email up in support of David Shearer and Russel Norman, who, as the respective leaders of the NZ Labour Party and NZ Green Party, are trying to prevent the sale of public assets.


I know you’ll be as shocked as I was to hear National is giving Mighty River Power directors a whopping 73 per cent pay rise. The chairperson’s fee alone is increasing by $52,000. That’s just about as much as someone gets on the average wage.

This is particularly galling given that earlier in the week workers on the minimum wage only got an extra 25 cents an hour. That paltry increase won’t be enough to make a difference.

Today, National pushed ahead the sale of Mighty River Power despite massive uncertainty around the future of Tiwai Point. The sale deadline plays right into the hands of Rio Tinto. National should cancel the sale so real negotiations can take place without the time pressure of the sale. With the future of the smelter up in the air there’s too much at stake to gamble with 3,000 jobs and a tenth of the Southland economy.

Ultimately, it’ll be taxpayers that lose out. It’s also worth checking out this article by Brian Fallow, which was right on point.

David Shearer MP

Leader of the Labour Party

P.S. Yesterday I sent a letter to the Auditor General requesting an investigation into the appointment of Ian Fletcher. The past few days have raised question after question about John Key’s involvement in the appointment. John Key keeps changing his story. You deserve some real answers.


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