Dogs Drive Cars On Campbell Live With Kate’s News On BBC TV 5 D

BBC loved John Campbell’s car-driving dogs.  They appeared on afternoon television, through the night here in New Zealand, at least three times during the course of BBC’s afternoon programme.  And the clip ‘Campbell Live’ accompanied the footage, which really puts this show on the map now.  Millions of people in the UK and around the world would have seen Campbell Live’s dogs on BBC News.

These dogs are a sensation.

Do you know that these clever dogs were shown almost as often as pics of Prince William and his expectant wife, the Princess Kate?  The Royals’ story was the talk of the town, of course – everyone is hopeful that she will have a healthy, normal, happy pregnancy.  But their baby news was coloured up a bit more because of the very funny prank which was played by an Australian radio station, who phoned up the Prince Edward VII royal hospital, pretending to be the Queen.

“Oh, hello.  Could I speak to Kate – my Grand-daughter, please?……How is she doing?”  So far so good –  the receptionist went off to get the nurse involved.  Meanwhile, back in Australia, a male announcer in the radio studio was heard to say:  “If this works, it will be the easiest scam in history”, at which they all giggled.

Well, the Ozzie impersonator of the Queen was convincing enough to the hospital receptionist, though perhaps not to our Kiwi ears, which made it all the more funny.  The very accommodating nurse was reached on the phone, after which she revealed all the details about The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, and her condition.

A few moments later, after the latest on the Duchess of Cambridge and whether she might be having twins, and hearing the Ozzie impersonator of the Queen,  we jumped back to the very photogenic Monty driving his car, just like a film star, glancing now and then to the camera for the mugshot as he powered along.

New Zealand TV3 Campbell Live show featured this great story two nights ago – actually, the 4th December, 2012, showing us that dogs can be taught to drive cars.

I was going to put up a post about this anyway, since it was just such a thrill and such a dag to see these dogs jumping into their seats, ready to get the car in motion.

Our seemingly insensitive government officials, the ones who are thinking about using dogs to test psychedelic, mind-changing drugs, should sit up, just like Monty, and take note.

It is an incredibly cruel idea to test drugs on animals.  It might be justified, perhaps, if lives are going to be saved – but to test drugs which are purely for recreational use, and which potentially have the power to make a person mad, or a dog mad, is unbelievably debase.

To get dogs to drive cars – Very Cool.  Monty looked so proud, sitting at his steering wheel.

To get dogs to take drugs, just so we can see what they do, and how they behave?  This is a sin against God.  God is Good, and goodness would never wish these drugs on anybody, let alone a dog.


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