Earthquake Tonight In Wellington New Zealand 3rd July 2012

A Massive Earthquake 7.0 Magnitude on the Richter Scale has struck Wellington.  This has just come over the news tonight on Channel One, TVNZ, at 10.30 PM, read by Greg Boyed.

The earthquake was at first thought to be a Magnitude 6.5, but this assessment has been now established as Magnitude 7.

The quake was centred  nearly 70 kilometres north of Wellington,  just south of Opunake in  South Taranaki,  and was 240 kilometres deep.  The shaking was felt very strongly in Wellington, with the tremors lasting between 5-7 seconds.  It was felt as far away as Blenheim, and the Kapiti Coast –   ‘Fr9m Gore in the South Island, to  Hamilton and Auckland in the North Island’, said the news the following morning.

It is full moon tonight – as peaceful a night as could be here by the sea in Orewa, North Auckland.  Yet much of the North Island has only just settled down after dreadful storms which, in the early hours of the morning,  threatened to blow down the pohutakawa trees which hang over our house, and blow out the glass from the windows.  And even if there wasn’t a tsunami, the sea sounded so angry and so close, I half expected my basement flat to be flooded any minute.

I must say that the tension in the air today, despite the ceasing of the storm, was so intense that I almost put up a post warning about a disaster striking somewhere.  But since I could not tell exactly WHERE this was going to happen, I refrained from doing so.  I felt sure that an earthquake would strike, since the anxiety I felt grew and grew, and there was no reason for this to be so, other than forces outside my own control.  My nervous system seemed affected, I felt decidedly unsettled, and I felt quite distraught.  But earlier in the evening, for some reason which I did not know, the tension left me and I felt normal again.  Then I found on the news that a big earthquake really HAD struck New Zealand today.

Can you predict an Earthquake?  Well – Dogs, cats, and other animals can sense when earthquakes are about to strike, and so can we, if we can clear our minds sufficiently to process the information imparted by our senses.  This is because the magnetic energies  emanating from the earth change dramatically just before an earthquake.  The frequency becomes extremely high and intense, and this affects the nervous system, causing us to feel  so unsettled and anxious.

The Full Moon is another factor in why this big earthquake has struck tonight.  Full Moon, New Moon, Mars or Uranus, Pluto, or  Saturn in challenging aspects to the Sun, or Moon, or in Retrograde phase,  are all inclined to bring dramatic events such as earthquakes, storms and other unusual weather patterns.

Tsunami In New Zealand: On a personal level, I feel I should get a move along and relocate away from the beach at Orewa. It is only a matter of time, and we WILL have a tsunami crisis here, especially with earthquakes becoming more regular, and hitting the North Island, rather than confining themselves more to Christchurch, which is in the South Island, a nice long way away from Auckland in the North.

Around 9 months ago I had a vision of a tsunami coming into Orewa.  I was standing outside our house, on the ridge of sand which rolls down to the beach, watching the on-coming tsunami with my neighbour.  The wave looked kind of cloudy, sullied with sand and grime.  As it rolled uneavenly towards us, gaining momentum, I thought that there was still time to make a run for it, to get away up on the hill at the end of the beach.   Then I ran back ‘for the baby’ – My Grandson was back in the flat, for some reason.  The dream ended there.

One interpretation was that the tsunami coming from outside our shores, to hit us here in New Zealand, was that the economic crisis in Europe would affect our economy here, causing much disruption and distress.  This has had an effect on people in New Zealand, but more because of our national Key-led government who tend to ignore the plight of the poor, and to feather their own nests instead, rather than any direct consequence of the European crisis.

The other interpretation which I put on this dream, is the more literal one:  A tsunami which comes and causes upheaval and devastation here.  The effect of the tsunami I saw did not look to be as devastating and as dramatically awful as the Japanese one which struck Fukushima, but it looked ominous, nevertheless.  And yet, almost a year afterward, I am still here, on the beach, hoping that a tsunami will not come.  But this is madness, really.  I have no financial commitment to stay at the beach in such a dangerous spot.  I rent my flat, and  have no mortgage to pay here.  Tomorrow,  I will start looking more seriously for a place a bit further inland.


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