Ecuador”Will Not Be Bullied By Britain” On Protection of Julian Assange

Ecuador Has Granted Political Assylum To Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press Champion, Julian Assange:   Ecuador has made this announcement today, on Thursday, 16th August, 2012.  This news came through the night, broadcast to New Zealand from BBC London on the 17th August, that Ecuador has offered political assylum to Julian Assange.   BBC’s The Hub’ with Nik Gowing had the latest around 4.30AM in New Zealand.

The Australian Julian Assange, who is founder of ‘WikiLeaks’, an information-sharing website,  has been in the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 2012.  Ecuador have kindly offered him the protection which he sorely needs, and which “his own country, and Britain, have failed to provide for him”, they say.

But the British government, obviously prompted by the American government,  is threatening to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy, to remove Julian Assange.  This is as illegal and as insidious as the raid on Kim Dotcom in New Zealand, where the police, with the help of our national government here, sent off all Kim Dotcom’s evidence – files, videos – the lot – directly to the FBI in America, so that Kim Dotcom was left without evidence to fight his case.

The situation is scandalous, to say the least, not because of any alleged wrong-doing by Julian Assange, but because of the  hidden motives behind his entrappement.  Sweden, in collaboration with British authorities, and obviously American ones too, want him extradited from Britain to Sweden, for questioning about charges of sexual assault and rape.  These sexual assault charges are hardly credible, and it is likely that they were trumped up in the first place, to ‘net’ Julian Assange, get him arrested,  and prevent him from publishing any more damning material about the American military’s activities in Iraq and Afghanistan, amongst other things.

If Julian Assange is extradited to Sweden, then from there, it will be easy for the Americans to have him extradited from Sweden to America.  The Americans want to silence Julian Assange and prevent him from revealing any more evils being committed by the powerful governments of the world, or their military.

The British authorities have threatened to put aside the diplomatic immunity status of the Ecuadorian Embassy to enter the building for the purpose of bringing out Julian Assange.  There are many police surrounding the building which houses the Ecuadorian Embassy, and three arrests outside the building have taken place already.

The Chinese government, notorious for their lack of respect for human rights, were more respectful toward Chen Guangcheng when he sought refuge at the American Embassy in Beijing,  in May this year, than what the British are showing towards Julian Assange.  They did not storm the American Embassy, which is what the British are threatening to do in London, at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

All Praise to the Ecuador Embassy, and the Ecuadorian Government, for standing up to Britain:  “We will not be bullied by Britain”, said the Foreign Minister for Ecuador,  Ricardo Patino.  “The days of British colonialism  are long-gone.”

Julian Assange has praised the Ecuadorian Embassy for their courage in taking action against the British government.

Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino gave a list of very good reasons for protecting Julian Assange these past two months, and for granting him political assylum:

Julian Assange Faces Political Persecution:  “We believe that he will be persecuted for his work in exposing  (sensitive) information”, said Ricardo Patino.  Julian Assange’s battle for freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, could mean that he will be treated unfairly by the American justice system,  after the Swedes have finished with him.  Hilary Clinton herself is out for his blood, by all accounts, after he published secret files from the  military, some of which showed American soldiers abusing and urinating on their prisoners of war.

Not A Fair Trial:  “We believe that he would not get a fair trial.”

“He would not get a fair trial in America – he might even have to face a military court instead of going through the normal courts,  and he may even face execution or life imprisonment”

It is a safe guess that he will not get a fair hearing or trial in Sweden, either, for that matter.  He will not get a fair trial in Sweden, because the motive behind charging him there with sexual assault was ultimately to put him behind bars in America, to silence his publications of material which shames many governments of the world, including BRITAIN and AMERICA.  So Swedish agents are working in co-operation with Britain and the American  Government, actually.

And this explains why the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, is so adamant that Britain is ‘right’ in wanting Julian Assange for ‘alleged criminal offenses’:

Willam Hague alludes to the sexual assault charges put on Julian Assange by Sweden, but refrains from mentioning the REAL worry – that Britain, too, wants Julian Assange ‘shut up’, because Britain, too,  has war secrets because of its co-operation with America in participating in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Tony Blair sided with President Bush, and they both carried on the pretense that there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq, when they knew all along that this was a sham.  Similar atrocities have been committed by US and British soldiers in Afghanistan.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced on BBC only a few hours ago, that Julian Assange would not be granted safe passage out of Britain, and that ‘immunity should not be used to harbour alleged criminals.”

As Al Gore famously said:  “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his NOT understanding it”.  And about creatintg doubt – that a “climate of controversey is created to avoid the truth”.  So we have a situation where doubt is cast over the inegrity of Julian Assange by accusing him of sexual assault, with him taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy, police at the ready and threatening to come in – when the truth at the heart of the matter is being conveniently overlooked.

The truth which is being smoke-screened is that Britain and the USA do not want transparency in their dealings with other countries, especially when these dealings concern their warmongering and their strive for dominance of other nations.  These aspects are even more pronounced when oil-rich countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran are concerned.

These political giants really have the gift of the gab, don’t they?…..  William Hague, British Foreign Secretary,  cleverly avoids the question of freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, which Julian Assange has been held up for, and manages to easily convey to the public that Julian Assange is an ‘alleged criminal’.  Which makes everything that William Hague expresses seem so righteous, so pomp and ceremonious, so British, it’s not funny.  Butter wouldn’t melt…..because the plum in my mouth is so big.

British authorities say that the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy may be taken away to allow officers to enter the building to remove Julian Assange.  The Ecuador Foreign Minister has responded, saying that the threat is as good as saying “we are going to beat you savagely if you misbehave” and that it was an open intention of the British government to ‘resort to this kind of action’.

Julian Assange’s very good friend Vaughan Smith said that it is reasonable for Mr Assange to fear for his own life.

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