Inequality In NZ Justice System Sees Rich Fraudsters Avoid Jail

Social Inequality and Corporate Greed:

Being rich, or being part of a big corporation, means that you get off lightly if you are caught cheating the tax department.  It is a fact:

Beneficiaries  Are Treated More Harshly Than White Collar Fraudsters By NZ Courts:

New Zealand National Radio reported today, 19th November, 2012, the results of research done by Auckland University which shows up our unjust justice system.

The research shows that ‘blue collar’ people who have committed benefit fraud of up to $70,000 are 60% likely to go to jail, whilst ‘white collar’ fraudsters who have defrauded the tax department of up to $270,000 are only 20% likely to go to jail.

Dr Marriott from Auckland University has been researching the inequalities of our justice system to find out why it is that the rich get off lightly.  She has been given a grant to extend her studies.

to be continued


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