Israel Apologizes Attack On Turkish Aid Ship Gaza May 2010

DSC01917March 2013: President Obama has just visited Israel to speak with President Netanyahu.

Note:  This is not the aid ship.  This is a cruise liner which was in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, at Christmas time, 2012.  Photo by Merrilyn.

President Netanyahu has made a formal apology for killing Aid workers who were on a Turkish ship in international waters, bound for Gaza in May, 2010.   One New Zealand Aid worker was shot in the head at point blank range by Israeli soldiers, and other Turkish Aid helpers suffered the same fate.  This was a premeditated attack on an aid ship which should have been protected, not only because it was carrying supplies to the needy in Gaza, but because it was sitting in international waters.

The Israeli attack on the Turkish ship amounts to murder.

To add insult to injury, Israel immediately imposed trade restrictions on Turkey, for their part in trying to help the Palestinian people survive the onslaught by Israeli. So the Turkish people have been punished by Israel, as well as the Palestinians who live in Gaza.

Palestinisans living in Gaza have had almost everything wrecked by the Israelis, who have been backed all the way by America.  Houses have been destroyed, hospitals ruined, and schools and universities bombed and burnt. The very fabric of their society has been eroded systematically by Israel.

Not surprisingly, Israel and America are losing friends in the area. But now, with the trouble in Syria, they need friends.  Turkey shares the Syrian border with Israel, so it is no surprise that Israel wants to establish some sort of alliance with Turkey.

So – while President Obama was visiting Israel yesterday, 22 March 2013, President Netanyahu made an apology for the attack on the Turkish aid ship in 2010, and formally announced the full resumption of diplomatic ties with Turkey. No more trade restrictions on Turkey.

I found the portion of the speech by Netanyahu, which was relayed to us via BBC last night, still to be lacking in any feeling of remorse towards the Palestinian people. President Netanyahu instead hammered home what he perceived was his God-given right to any lands they might call Israel.   But they wrongfully occupy the ‘Gaza strip’.

The occupation of Gaza by the Israelis has been devastating for the Palestinian people. Palestinian people are still suffering at the hands of the Israelis.

President Netanyahu’s apology to Turkey is something.  But the Palestinian people, like the people of Tibet who are controlled and oppressed by China, are still oppressed by Israel.

God of goodness, power and might, we pray that the people of Tibet and Gaza, and all other oppressed peoples, will be freed from oppression.



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