John Key’s Lingo Not Representative Of New Zealand Speech

American Media Mock John Key’s Pronunciation:

So Hilary Clinton and American media people could not understand John Key?  Well – nor can we.  John Key’s diction, his way of talking,  DOES NOT REFLECT THE SPEECH OF MOST NEW ZEALANDERS.  He has a speech impediment.  He also has a severe intellectual and social impediment which makes him blind as to the needs of the people of our country.  He fails to comprehend that the majority of New Zealanders do not want our  NZ public assets sold.

When John Key talks about the  ChrySHchurch  Earthquake, he actually means the  ChrisTchurch Earthquake.  I am quite sure that he would not talk about Jesus Chrysh.  But he seems incapable of making the connection, pronunciation-wise, between Jesus ChrisT and ChrisT – Church.

John Key and  his fellow politician Jerry Brownlee set up a special government department for the management of funds for the ‘Chryshchurch’ Earthquake.  Pity the government had to interfere, because Ithink that the Mayor Bob Parker, and the people of Christchurch, might have managed all those donations better than these government officials have done. Enormous donations flooded in from all over the world to help with Christchurch’s rebuild, and many still wonder about the government’s priorities in spending that money.

I really enjoyed seeing NZTV Channel 3 news with Mike McRoberts last night at 6PM – the 4th September, 2012.  They totally lampooned the Prime Minister’s dialect.  Very clever  and very funny little skit.  I must watch it again on-line.

If John Key was a good Prime Minister, such as Helen Clark was, with a good heart and an earnest desire to see the best for the New Zealand people, with no desire to help his wealthy mates get rich through buying into our state-owned assets, then I am sure his speech impediment would have been forgiven and forgotten.  But, for me – anything to take away from the glorified, preened, grinning, smug and sure celebrity image he has set out for himself. He is the proverbial ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, out to hoodwink those he wants to take advantage of, in my opinion.

His speech is terrible, but what is worse, is that he believes he is the man with the God-given right to sell off our state-owned assets, and to watch the poor of NZ becoming more poor, struggling to feed their families, while he and his wealthy investment banking friends continue to drink the blood of the fatted calf.  He said last year that it was a GOOD thing that there were so many low-income, unqualified earners in NZ, because that would encourage overseas businesses to set up here, to take advantage of these people on the minimum wage.

John Key even had a plan to HALVE the already low minimum wage for young people. This might have been excusable if everybody in NZ was taking a wage-cut.  But he gave himself and all the wealthy a TAX CUT at the same time he talked about lowering the minimum wage.  And the property-owning rich in NZ still do not have to pay a capital gains tax on the profits they make from their land assets.  Developers are laughing all the way to the bank here in New Zealand.

John Key is completely unsympathic to the fact that many of the young people earning only around $11 or $12 an hour, after tax, will be helping to support families who are struggling.  These young people could be the only earners in some families.

America – Do you have any difficulty understanding the speech of Russell Crowe? – No – Of course you don’t.  This famous actor, who was born  and bred in little old New Zealand, would not have become Hollywood’s ‘Gladiator’ if you could not understand him.   The ‘Gladiator’  movie, made by Universal Pictures and Dreamworks, won five academy awards.  Nothing wrong with Russell Crowe’s speech, eh?  Kapai!

Likewise, Warner Brothers would have  had no truck with his friend Nicole Kidman, who comes from across the ditch, if  her diction was at all dodgy to the American ear.


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