Julian Assange, US Military Crimes In Iraq and Afghanistan and BBC

Political Prisoner Seargent Bradley Manning  is still being held in an American prison without trial. He has been there for almost two years.  United Nations have declared that he has been the victim of torturous and inhumane treatment since he has been incarcerated in America.

Political Prisoner Julian Assange has been granted political asylum by the Ecuador Government.   He is currently being protected at the Ecuador Embassy in London, where he has been living since the 19th June, 2012.

Now – why is the British Government so keen to break the rules of diplomatic immunity, threatening to renounce the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy so that they can capture Julian Assange?  We all know, by now, that some half-baked sexual assault charges coming from two ex-lovers in Sweden simply cannot be the reason for all this fuss.

I have several other recent posts on Julian Assange – one posted up yesterday, entitled ‘UK Websites Attacked Retaliation Julian Assange 22 August 2012’.  But I am explaining  much of this all over again, to counteract the effect of  BBC coverage on the Julian Assange diplomatic row, which leans towards generating a negative image of Julian Assange, and to also counteract the argument of William Hague, who most definitely portrays an unjustified negative picture of Julian Assange.

William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, said two nights ago  in an attempt to justify Britain renouncing the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy, that “Embassies cannot be used to harbour alleged  criminals”.  But Julian Assange is NOT a criminal, and it is wrong of William Hague to suggest that he in order to justify the government storming the Embassy to capture him.

Julian Assange has done nothing wrong, except to be reprimanded as a young man for managing to hack into someone’s site.  The sexual allegations coming from Sweden have no evidence to support them, and he is simply wanted for questioning there – well, not so simple, really, because the real reason that various governments want him extradited to Sweden, is so that he can be sent on to America, where he has been threatened with the death penalty for divulging the war crimes of America, and many other horrendously awful things.

So William Hague is deliberately trying to mislead the general public, in my view.

As Al Gore said of the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq, ‘a climate of controversey is often used to divert attention from the truth’.

BBC Coverage  Also Slants A Negative Image On Julian Assange:  Like Al Gore has famously said, “It is hard for a man to see the truth when his salary is dependent upon his NOT seeing it”.   In the past two days, while  William Hague was shown making  his announcement about ‘doing everything  it takes to get Julian Assange’, and  implying that he is a ‘criminal’, BBC had a looped, repeated  message which ran along the bottom of the television screen.  This message was ‘Julian Assange is Wanted In Sweden On Rape and Sexual Assault Allegations’.  This message kept running through the night, along with other news items, well after William Hague had made his announcement that they would catch Julian Assange, no matter what.

Now, to run this message over and over, is unfair to Julian Assange.  Its effect will be to dupe some members of the public, who cannot so easily work out the truth for themselves, into believing that Julian Assange really is a criminal.  William Hague, and the BBC, and many other powerful people, will want this negative image generated about Julian Assange, because it will divert the attention away from the real issue – the American and British misdealings and crimes which have been exposed on WikiLeaks.

BBC Interviewer Cut Short an interview with Human Rights Lawyer (will look up his name presently), just as he was beginning to talk about the legality of Britain renouncing the diplomatic status of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  This was two days ago, on the 20th August 2012, NZ time – the 19th August in London. It was just as if the news reader had been alerted through her hidden ear-phones, to cut the interview short, just as it was getting pretty interesting.  In the middle of his sentence about ‘the legality of the British threat’, she suddenly said “I am sorry, …….., but I am going to have to cut you off right there.  We are running out of time.   The interview had barely begun.  The aristocratic friend of Julian Assange was treated similarly, being given hardly any time at all to say anything in defense of him on BBC.

Basically, there is a plot to silence Julian Assange forever.  The United States of Amnesia want to forget their war crimes, and all other devious and illegal things they have done.  They wish to be able to continue to do as they please, masking evil with fabrications which are acceptable to the general public. The Americans, and the British right behind them, behave as if they have the right to do evil, pretending that they are protecting the public good.  They are powerful, and can manipulate things so that they always win.

Military Secrets About The War In Afghanistan and  The War In Iraq:  Seargent Bradley Manning is thought to have been reponsible for revealing secret information to Julian Assange.  This information revealed that the American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, indeed, the very authorities which governs these soldiers, were party to inhumane treatment of prisoners and civilians in these countries.

President Bush announced that there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq, which justified the Americans storming the place.  British Prime Minister Tony Blair leapt to his feet to support the big ‘United States of Amnesia’, to use that wonderfully and aptly descriptive term coined by American political activist and writer, Gore Vidal, who died recently on the 1st August, 2012.  Tony Blair, it is now known, was aware that the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was a lie.  But the Middle Eastern countries are very, very, rich in oil and gas, which might be a reason that the truth of the matter was not readily acceptable to these prominent politicians.

They knew that there would be no ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and these ‘weapons of mass destruction’  were never found in all the years that the Americans and British were in Iraq.  The ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was a convenient tag to give to the general public, most of whom swallowed it hook, line and sinker – until their soldiers began to come home in boxes, without even recognition for their services by the American military or the government.  And the war went on, and on, and on……Thousands of innocent civilians were killed, and many thousands more have been maimed, or had their houses blown up.

The United States of Amnesia wants to forget the atrocities of the war which they committed.  We are only to remember the atrocities committed by the Iraqi insurgents, and we are meant to believe that the Americans, and the British, are ‘Holier Than Thou’.

So who is the biggest threat to this ‘Holier Than Thou Image’?  –  Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, now.  Seargent Bradley Manning has been temporarily silenced.  One has to fear for his mental state after being kept in silitary confinement, and having been tortured by the Americans these past two years.

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