Julian Assange’s Australian WikiLeaks Political Party Coming Soon

The UK Guardian Newspaper reported on the 13th December, 2012, that Julian Assange had announced his intention to set up a political party in Australia under the name of WikiLeaks.

And this plan is just about to come to fruition.

from Canon 259(1)Photo by Lok.

Typical of our news here in New Zealand – no mention on the main news tonight.  I heard a short announcement in the early hours of the morning on National radio which gave the gist of the story.  Google-search  ‘Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Political Party’ and you will find plenty of info on his new plan.

How clever is Julian Assange.  This move will help protect him from extradition to America, where he is likely to be jailed for telling the world about American military war crimes and other secrets.

Julian Assange is still being protected by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been escaping the British authorities for the past 6 months or more.  The British Foreign Service are keen to have him extradited to America to face charges regarding his WikiLeaks information-sharing website.

If Julian Assange were to be sent to America, he would suffer the same fate as the hapless Seargent Manning, who has been in jail, in isolation, for around two years now, since  he shared the information about American military ‘secrets’ – or war-crimes – with WikiLeaks.  Seargent Manning has recently been tried by a military court for his part in revealing this information which should never have been kept secret in the first place.  American soldiers should be made just as accountable as anyone else when it comes to abuse of prisoners, or murder.

Of course, the British authorities have sided with the Americans on the Julian Assange WikiLeaks issue, because the British joined forces with America in 2003, under the demented guidance of President Bush, to invade Iraq under false pretences.  Bush claimed there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq, but this claim has been proved to be a fallacy.  No weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

to be continued tomorrow


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