Julian Assange’s Speech To The World From Balcony of Ecuador Embassy in London 19 August, 2012.

Julian Assange  Has Taken A ‘Stand For Justice’.  He Has Been Given Political Asylum By  the Ecuador Government, who fully support his Fight for Justice and for Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press.

“Ecuador will not be bullied by Britain”, was Ecuador’s reply to both a written and a verbal warning that the Ecuadorian Embassy might be stormed by British authorities this week.  The letter indicated that the status of diplomatic immunity of the Ecuador Embassy would be revoked by the British Government, for the purpose of arresting Julian Assange.

Julian Assange’s Speech  came from BBC as a Live Broadcast From Outside Ecuador Embassy London 1.22 AM New Zealand time, 20 August, 2012.  14.21 hours  local time in London on the 19th August, 2012.  Police surrounded the building, and there have been at least three arrests since Julian Assange’s supporters gathered in numbers outside the building this week.  With the numbers of supporters in the street below, and with the world watching the media coverage of his speech, it seemed fairly unlikely that the police would try to make any assault on him or the Embassy.

Well, it is after midnight here in New Zealand, and early afternoon in London.  I stayed up specially to hear Julian Assange’s address  televised live from outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been protected since the 19th June, 2012.

This is the first time that Julian Assange has spoken publicly, or that he has been seen by members of the public, since he took refuge there in June.  A diplomatic row has  ensued this week, since British authorities threatened to enter the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Julian Assange and take him away.

The Ecuador Government has offered Julian Assange political asylum because, first and foremost, they believe he is innocent of the allegations put on him by Sweden, and that he will be persecuted because of his WikiLeaks file-sharing website.  The Ecuador Prime Minister has said that ‘Julian Assange is one of the foremost political prisoners in the world’ at this time.

The Ecuadorian authorities believe he will not get a fair trial if the Americans get hold of him.  The FBI, CIA, the American military, and various members of American and British governments are keen to have Julian Assange punished for informing the world about various criminal activities done by some of these organizations.  Seargent Bradley Manning, who is thought to have given Julian Assange information about American war crimes, is still being held in solitary confinement in a military prison in America.  He has been there, in jail,  for two years without trial.

Julian Assange and Bradley Manning should be not punished, but applauded as heroes for bringing injustices and crimes, done by the rich and powerful, to the notice of the whole world.

It is really a wonderful thing that the Ecuador Government has stepped in to try to prevent Julian Assange being sent, first to Sweden on what are probably trumped-up accusations of sexual assault.   Julian Assange emphatically denies these allegations.  From Sweden, it will be easy to have him extradited to America, where he would most likely face a military court, life imprisonment, and maybe even the death sentence for his actions in ‘whistle-blowing’ some of the evils done by the American military and powerful governments of the world.

The British Government Has Reason To Silence Julian Assange Too:  Of course, British authorities are just as keen as the Americans to see Julian Assange punished:  The British  have supported America in various war-mongering activities, and have taken part in some of the abusive and torturous behaviours done by the Americans to prisoners and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is why Britain at this time is portraying itself as a stickler for justice, pretending that the Swedish allegations are important, and that Julian Assange must go there to face questioning.  But this is just a smoke-screen for the collaborative American-British  plan to silence Julian Assange if they can.  They want to stop Julian Assange and his file-sharing site WikiLeaks in telling the nefarious deeds of the powerful.

So, Ecuador is to be praised for stepping in and helping Julian Assange, when, as they say, ‘his own government, and the British government, have failed to do so’.

Julian Assange’s Speech:

Julian appeared on the balcony of the Ecuador Embassy wearing a pale blue shirt with a burgundy-red tie.  He looked pretty good, and the Ecuadorians are obviously looking after his diet, but I would say that the stress of his situation, being under house arrest for so long, and not knowing whether he will face a military court, or execution, in America at the end of the line, is telling on him.  His hair looks to be a good deal more white than before the Swedes played their part in getting him detained.

Julian Assange expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Ecuador Embassy:

Julian Assange thanked the ‘courageous Ecuador Nation’, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, the Equador Government, and the people who work in the Ecuador Embassy in London.  He thanked the Government for giving him political asylum, and he thanked the employees at the Embassy, as well as their families at home, for standing behind him in his fight for justice, and for the sacrifices they have made.  He thanked all the people all over the world for supporting him.

He thanked the people who came in the middle of the night to keep watch over the Embassy, on Wednesday, the night of the 18th August, after the British government has said that it would consider entering the Embassy to take out Julian Assange. ...”The world was watching” as a result of “your vigil in the dark outside the Embassy of Ecuador.”    Julian Assange said that his supporters who watched over the Embassy made sure that he was protected, and that he knew,  because of their presence,  that when police tried to enter the Embassy through the internal fire escape that night, that there would be witnesses to the scene of the crime.  It was due to the presence of his supporters who came out in their numbers, that the illegal plan to enter the Embassy to take him away did not happen.

He thanked all the South American countries who have supported him:  As well as Ecuador, who is outstandingly courageous in housing Julian Assange in its Embassy and for offering political asylum, the Latin American countries who have announced their support of him and his drive for justice, are:

Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela,  Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Peru.  These, and many, many more Latin American countries are willing to defend Julian Assange’s right to political asylum.  Diplomats from these countries, who are  in support of Julian Assange, are going to meet in Washington DC this coming Friday.  This is the next important event in this diplomatic scandal, after Julian finding refuge at the Ecuador Embassy, and in speaking out tonight in front of the Embassy.  It is hoped that some diplomatic solution will be arrived at, when the Foreign Ministers of these Latin American countries meet in Washington on Friday.

He thanked all the New Zealanders and Australians who have supported him, “even when their governments have not.”

Julian Assange Made a  Plea To President Obama to do the right thing.  This was a moral appeal to Obama to stand up for human rights.  Julian Assange said that the USA “must renounce its witchhunt on WikiLeaks”, and that the FBI should renounce its investigation of WikiLeaks.

“There must be no more threats to prosecute journalists for shining the light on the secret crimes of the powerful.”…….”As WikiLeaks stands under threat, so does the freedom of expression.”

Julian Assange Made a Plea For Seargent Bradley Manning to be released. Three times during his speech, Julian Assange said “Seargent Bladley Manning must be released”.   Julian Assange stressed that Bradley Manning has been found by United Nations to be receiving torturous treatment since he has been in an American jail, held without trial.  “He is a hero, and an example to all of us.  He is one of the world’s most prominent political prisoners – Bradley Manning Must Be Released.”

Julian Assange went on to remind us of all those people who are in jail anywhere in the world, fighting for justice……..”Your day will come”, he said.

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