Large Earthquake Near Iran’s Nuclear Plant

Let’s Be Nuclear-Free

As I edit this post at 4AM  17th April 2013 NZ Time, the Radio NZ news reports that there has just been ANOTHER major earthquake in Iran, in the South Eastern part of Iran.  It is estimated to have been around magnitude 7.8 and it has killed some people. This is the largest shake which Iran has experienced in 50 years, according to BBC News.  It is not known at this stage whether major damage has been done to nuclear power plants, etc, but the earthquake has caused damage in Pakistan, and was felt as far away as India.

DSCO 1795

April 2013.  Send up a prayer that the whole world will be nuclear-free.  Nuclear power plants are too dangerous for us to be meddling and experimenting with.  The damage wreaked when one goes badly wrong has been witnessed in very recent times, i.e., at Chernobyl, and in 2011, when the Japanese earthquake-tsunami of March 11th caused irreparable damage to the Fukushima nuclear plants, and some others.  Four nuclear power sites were affected by the 2011 Japanese earthquake-tsunami.  This damage to the nuclear reactors caused a massive leakage of extremely toxic  radioactive material into the environment.  The whole of the world has been affected.

These nuclear disasters in Japan, Chernobyl, and other places, are still having an effect on the people who live in these areas.  Radiation sickness is the first symptom of exposure to radiation.  After that, cancers and other degenerative diseases set in.  Depression and other mental troubles are common. The people and the environment will be sick  for a long time to come in the places where nuclear disasters have occured..

A large earthquake occurred in Iran yesterday, 10th April, 2013, near the site of Iran’s one and only nuclear reactor.  Iran authorities reported that the nuclear reactor was unharmed.  Well, of course they would say this, even if the reactor WAS damaged.  Japanese authorities denied, in the beginning, that there was any serious damage to the reactors at Fukushima after the earthquake/tsunami.

Germany Plans To Go Nuclear-Free:  Some countries have taken the Japan earthquake-tsunami, which caused a nuclear disaster, very seriously.  After the devastating earthquake-tsunami had damaged those nuclear reactors in Japan, 2011, causing an international disaster, Angela Merkel and her parliament in Germany decided to become a nuclear-free nation by the end of 2023.  They began their nuclear-free plan by immediately shutting down any old, vulnerable nuclear reactors.  They have not replaced these old nuclear reactors with new ones, which had been the plan.

Instead, Germany is now spending millions of dollars on nuclear-free technology, such as solar-power technology, which will eventually replace all the nuclear reators in Germany. Their new systems will be capable of supplying ALL of the power needed to keep Germany going.  They will be able to sell their new solar-systems to the rest of the world.

to be continued



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