New Zealand Greenpeace Victory Petrobras Stop Oil Drilling Plans

portugalia 001Brazilian Oil Giant Pulls Out Of New Zealand’s East Coast.  4th November, 2012.

Photo by Violeta.

This is Good News For the NZ Environment:  New Zealand is a tiny country. We have had experience of oil-spillage already, after the Rena oil spill incident in Tauranga, which caused much devastation to our wild-life and to the communities along the East Coast of New Zealand.  We do not want to risk any oil drilling in our waters here, since an accident can happen at any time, no matter how good the technology.

Greenpeace, all protectors of the New Zealand environment,  and all protestors against ocean oil drilling all over the globe, will be triumphant that Brazilian Petrobras have, of their own accord, made the decision not to drill in our waters….However, we must be mindful of the fact that we need to keep up the fight against destructive practice to our environment.

Oil drilling is one issue which poses a risk to the environment.  Fracking is another – The National government, who know that fracking can cause earthquakes, have already given permission for fracking to take place here.  New Zealand is an earthquake prone country, which means it is especially unsuitable for fracking, or nuclear power plants.  This small planet Earth is almost at breaking point, with drilling and mining going on all about the world.  Robbing the Earth of its minerals, its metals, its gem-stones, is changing the energy levels on the planet. Because these beds of minerals have a vibration, an energy field upon which many things depend and are related.  Apart from the destruction it causes, and the pollution it creates, depriving the Earth of its natural beds of oil and other minerals is also contributing to climate change.

On Prime News at 5.30 tonight, we heard the official and good news that they have given up the quest for oil in the waters of New Zealand.

Thankyou Petrobras, for making this decision.  And thankyou to NZ Greenpeace for collecting all those signatures which must have influenced Petrobras to a large degree, regarding their decision to discontinue their oil project for NZ.

Over 140,000 signatures were collected against Petrobras’ oil drilling on the East Coast of New Zealand. Our present prime minister John Key tonight denied that Greenpeace and other protestors are the reason for Petrobras’ withdrawal, but this statement has to be wishful thinking,  because the government is hoping to attract another company here instead. . This is pure folly on the part of the National government and their plans for New Zealand’s economic development – they would be better to gracefully acknowledge their defeat, try instead to help and protect our environment, and endeavour to change their international corporate style of governance in favour of something more sensible and sustainable.

To we who are committed to saving and protecting our environment and our country, the protests have had an undeniably remarkable effect. Thankyou to all the people who have protested about the issue of oil drilling in our waters.

Petrobras was given the OK by the New Zealand National government around two and a half years ago, to drill for oil on the East Coast of New Zealand.  Today, we have confirmation that they have handed their permit back, and will not be drilling in our waters.

The decision for Petrobras to drill for oil here was not welcomed by many New Zealanders, especially after the catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  But still, despite the protests, and despite this big spillage and many other smaller ones around the world, typically, the National government approved the permit for Petrobras to drill on the East Coast of  New Zealand anyway.

Then just last year, we had the Rena oil disaster on the East Coast of New Zealand, near the port of Tauranga.  Even after witnessing the extensive damage to wild-life, to the coast-line, to communities along the coast,  to fishermen and other business operators who rely on the sea, still the National government remained adamant that oil drilling posed no problems for New Zealand.

So it is a very good thing for our environment to see this pig-headed government fail in this project.  Goodbye to Petrobras is a defeat for the National government of New Zealand, but a win for the Greens, for concerned iwi and all those concerned for our environment.

Green Party Gareth Hughes said on television tonight that there are better things to help our economy, and that we must look for CLEAN, GREEN, ALTERN ATIVES to oil.  He reminded us that allowing international oil companies to drill for oil in our waters defeats the image of New Zealand being clean and green.

Green Party NZ on right track

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raukumara basin also stopped

greens gareth hughes clean energy



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