No More Free Overnight BBC News In New Zealand

NZTV1 replaces BBC News with Infomercials as from Easter Monday 2013.DSCO 1680

Alas.  I have been waiting and waiting for the BBC News to come on, which it usually does around 1AM New Zealand time –  but to no avail.  I have just discovered, through searching for  ‘no bbc news on nztv’ on the internet, that BBC News has gone forever from our ‘free-to-air’ television channels.  If we want to tune into BBC News from now on, we have to pay to see it on ‘Sky’.

I hadn’t read the NZ Herald newspaper which told of the forthcoming major change to what had been considered in the past to be the more culturally-oriented of our television channels. So I watched and waited while the infomercials kept coming and coming.  What crap. I swear I will not watch NZTV’s Channel 1 anymore. (except for ‘Coro’ and ‘Miranda’)

There is very little material on TV1 now which is worth watching, with BBC News being given the can.

Actually, I will probably not be watching any of the other channels either, because when the ‘switch-over’ of our TV transmitting system is finally made, which will result in my television set going on the blink unless I pay for ‘Sky’ TV, or another provider to supply me with digital TV, I have decided to do without a TV altogether.

BBC News was the redeeming feature of NZTV1’s programming.  Except for a few gems such as  ‘Coronation Street’ and those incredibly funny British comedy shows such as ‘Miranda’,  we are regularly fed a variety of reality shows, cooking shows, and other such low-budget nonsense.

Cutting BBC News from TV1’s programme will make sense for the NZTV company in many ways.  For a start, it will save them an annual fee of $400,000, which is apparently the cost to BBC for running their news each night.

The other bonus for TV1 is that the majority of us, those who cannot afford ‘Sky’,  will not be able to ‘jump the gun’ by watching the news from London through the night, before it is aired on our own television channels in a much diluted form. NZTV1 will be spared of  people like myself comparing our NZ news coverage with BBC, and writing about the differences, or from writing about BBC generated news items which haven’t been aired on NZ free television.

But the downside of it for TV1 is that a lot of disappointed people will boycott TV1 altogether.  I reckon that TV1 will lose viewers.  Maybe TV1 just don’t care – they own the TV2 Channel which has stuff on all through the night, none of it very intellectually demanding, I must say. Mind you, I do love those unintellectual but very funny American comedies ‘Friends’ and ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, the latter which is not being shown presently. My guess is that the late-night-time watching may appeal to younger viewers who might buy the ‘zits’ creams,  hair products and weight loss programmes which they regularly advertise.

TV1 – This is a terrible Easter present.  Many of us are very sad that you have ditched the BBC News.  If you want us to watch you at all, then you have to give us something good.

After midnight, there is nothing good to watch on any channel now, with BBC News gone.

BUT congratulations to TV1 for giving us, over Easter, the three fantastic Italian opera singers who make up the group called  ‘Il Volo’ .  They certainly did Pavarotti very proud in this concert, ‘Live At Detroit Opera House’.  This was a rare treat, and we could do with a lot more of this beautiful music and theatre on our free-to-air television.

This type of artistic music is inspiring and wonderful food for the soul.  It would help to make for a better society if only we were able to see and hear it on a regular basis.

Funding for Art and Music in Schools and on television is a must for our society:

Read Merrilyn’s post from last week:  “Art Programme Cuts Violence In Orchard Gardens School BBC Report’


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