NZ Court Says Yes To Petrobras 22nd June, 2012

And Sadly,  John Key’s First Asset Sale Agreement Is Likely To Be Voted In Today, 26th June, 2012. Protests against the sale of NZ state-owned assets is huge, with Greens Russel Norman, Winston Peters,  Hone Harawira, and other prominent politicians opposing the bill, but John Key ploughs on.  We should put him on one of those oil rigs, take away his little boat and his fuel to run the works, and provide him with just a fishing line.  He might learn a thing or two.

Greenpeace Oppose Oil Drilling In All Waters, Including New Zealand.  Concerned New Zealand Iwi, who are the respective Maori communities, have opposed John Key’s proposal for drilling in our waters by Petrobras, and other petroleum companies.  But the government ignores all sensible pleas for conservation, and ignores the outcry against selling off  our public assets and resources.  They simply do not care anything at all about the people of New Zealand, or the environment, or keeping living expenses here affordable for all, only about the dream of the weight in their purse-strings.

The National government politicians all seem to have gold nuggets for eye-balls, just like Scrooge from the Walt Disney comics. Or the  prominent rich Jews in pre-Hitler Germany.  That is why Hitler’s hatred for the Jews was allowed by the common people, and why the German people blindly accepted his insane ideologies.  Because the people had been made so poor by the predominantly Jewish bankers and merchants who controlled the economy, they went along with Hitler’s mad and horrendous plan to get rid of the Jews.   Watch out.  Watch out.  Jack Frost is about.

What madness is this, then, to let Petrobras drill for oil in our water?  We have already had a little taste of an oil disaster  with the shipwrecked Rena still lying in the bay off the coast of Tauranga.  The effects of the Tauranga Mt Maunganui Rena oil spill are not pleasant by any means, and the disaster has brought a huge cost on clean-up to the NZ tax-payer and volunteers alike.  This  mini-disaster, apart from costing millions of dollars to clean up, has caused pollution for miles and miles down the coast, ruined fishermen’s livlihoods,  killed off many birds, fish and sea mammals, and ruined the food supply along the Eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

As well as all that, the tourism industry has been very badly affected, with many local businesses in the Tauranga area being forced to shut down.  This dive to the general economy should be something that the National government is interested in, even if they are not interested in the deprivation which people have suffered as a consequence of the disaster.  Tourist operaters and fishing boats were forced to shut down because they did not have the funds to sustain themselves while they were waiting for the clean-up, and for the ocean to restore itself again to something tourists might pay to go and see.

Hundreds of these people are now on the dole.  One side-effect to the mini Rena oil disaster.

Opposition has been high to John Key’s National Government filching the fat of the land for the benefit of overseas companies who won’t have to live with the consequences when a major oil spill occurs here.

Petrobras may have been given the ‘green light’ by John Key’s National Government, and by the High Court Judge in Wellington on Friday, but Petrobras have come under fire back in Brazil for their international performance.  Their performance is far less than exemplary, and has led to a halt being put on their activities in Brazilian waters, which is ANOTHER good reason NOT to allow them to come here with their drilling equipment.


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