NZ Scientists Say Rangitoto Erupted Continuously For 1000 Years

Volcanic Eruptions:

Rangitoto is a distinctive volcanic island which sits in the Hauraki Gulf, just out from the city of Auckland, NZ.  It is a distinctive and very beautiful landmark of which Aucklanders are very proud. Rangitoto has been painted by many of our famous artists.  The shape of Rangitoto is instantly recognizable as an Auckland icon.

Scientists have  been trying to assess the liklihood of Rangitoto springing back into life for quite a while now. The news will not be welcome to Aucklanders, many of whom believe that Auckland is immune from things such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and is a totally safe place to live.  Here is the latest:

News on Radio New Zealand National station at noon today, 11th April, 2013, says that scintists have reported that “Aucklanders may have to put up with a continuously erupting volcano on their doorsteps”.

They have found that Rangitoto erupted almost continuously for about 1000 years, and that continuous eruptions could happen again.  They also say that new volcanoes in the Auckland area could appear and be active for a very long time.

The last verified eruption was around 500 years ago, in the 16th Century, when it is thought that there were two big eruptions.  It is also possible that there has been another since  that time, and that the ash from a more recent volcanic eruption has been disturbed through human activity on the island.  More research is being done to ascertain whether there have been more eruptions since the two massive ones in the 16th century.

to be continued soon


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