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Green Party of Aotearoa New ZealandToday, I Received an Email from Russel Norman, the co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party.


I urge you to support the Greens. It is important that we get the National government out of power.  The focus of the National government  is only on money interests.  They blatantly ignore the wishes of the New Zealand people and have no regard at all for the environment, or for the needs of the people and communities. With Prime Minister John Key at the helm, who is a very rich investment banker, the situation is dire.

National government in New Zealand are changing laws left right and centre, so that they can help international big business interests.

John Key lied to us, telling us that we needed to change our labour laws so that Hollywood would keep making its Tolkien-Rings-Hobbit movies here, when actually, Hollywood was going to make those movies here anyway.  Around ten days before John Key changed the labour laws, Hollywood had already given the assurance that it would continue to make those movies here. The law change which John Key brought in, telling us the fib that the law change was necessary for our economy, when it wasn’t at all, means that movie workers have no right to protest anything, or to demand reasonable treatment.

Now John Key is changing the law regarding protest. To protect the interests of the oil companies who want to drill in our oceans around New Zealand, he is criminalizing protests at sea. Protests last year were responsible for the Brazilian company Petrobras giving up their plans to drill for oil on the East Coast of the North Island.  This was a good thing.  New Zealand is a tiny country with a tiny land mass.  Any oil disaster here would be death to our people, let alone our economy.  We have nowhere to go if a major chemical, oil, or nuclear disaster should occur here.  Our whole country would be polluted very quickly by air-borne or water-borne contaminants.

But despite the people being against Petrobras and others drilling on our coasts, John Key now is bringing in a law which means we will not be able to protest against oil companies drilling in our seas.  Greenpeace NZ  protestors will be deemed criminals from now on. I think I heard on the radio news earlier tonight that the law had been passed – 64 votes for banning protests, and 60 votes for keeping the right to protest.

This law change has been deemed to be a violation of international civil rights.  But still our arrogant and greedy government has gone ahead, damning all protestors at sea.  It is only a matter of time and the same legislation change will be implemented so that protesting on our shores will also be prohibited.

John Key has recently been in Brazil and other South American countries.  What is the guess that Petrobras will very soon be back here, unchallenged, drilling bores into our ocean sea-beds.

Read Merrilyn’s post entitled:  NZer’s Vote To Protect Right To Protest At Sea

Here Is The Letter From Russel Norman, Greens Party NZ Co-Leader:

Kia ora MerrilynWith your help we can run the most successful election campaign in the Green Party’s history. Please donate now to make that happen. In every election since 2005, the generosity of Green Party supporters has made it possible for us to get more Green MPs elected. Critical to this success is the expertise of our campaign manager.Having a campaign manager in place early last election played a very significant role in increasing our share of the vote by more than 4% and gaining an additional five seats in Parliament.

Donate now

With a record 14 MPs, our growing strength is creating amazing opportunities to make positive change. We must consolidate those gains and build on them.

Please donate now to help us ensure we have the right people on board for this coming election.

The need for change at the coming election is urgent. The National Government is selling off key national assets. It is destroying New Zealand’s clean green reputation by promoting the large-scale mining of our precious landscapes and oceans. It is cutting services to those most in need in our communities, while doing nothing to halt the crisis in our manufacturing sector. It has gutted the Emissions Trading Scheme, increased subsidies to polluters and refused to sign any binding international agreement to reduce our emissions.

Our preparations for this election are well underway, but we need to raise at least $100,000 to meet the cost of a top-notch campaign team with the experience and expertise to help us make this the greatest Green Party election campaign yet.

So if you can help us, please make a contribution now. Whether it’s $15, $25, $75, $150 or $500, it will provide a great boost to our efforts.

Many thanks

Russel Norman
Green Party Co-leader

To help the Green Party’s work, make a donation.


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