Sonny Bill Williams NZ’s Rugby All Black Turned Muslim

New Zealand Won the Rugby World Cup 2011. 

Among the NZ champions in the winning All Black team, which was led by our famous coach Sir Graham Henry, was Sonny Bill Williams.

HDR-sunsetPhoto by Lok.

Sonny Bill Williams was born in 1985 on the 3rd of August, a little shining Leo light. Currently, he is playing Rugby League in Australia for the Sydney Roosters. He is the Heavyweight Champion, at the present time, of the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association (NZPBA), and is also the WBA International Heavyweight Champion, according to Wikipaedia.

Sonny Bill Williams became a Muslim – or Moslem – in 2008.  I remember it, because I was living in Wellington at the time, the place where Sonny Bill made his transition from Christian to Muslim, and I can remember the stir his off-field conversion created.

Recently, Sonny Bill has been in the news ‘downunder’ because of his attempts to hold his heavyweight boxing titles.  And it looks like he might be getting a bit of help with this goal:   The match he played against  the last champion boxer was suddenly stopped at round 10 instead of the usual 12 rounds, which meant that Sonny Bill wasn’t properly beaten.  If the match had continued, I think he would have been a gonner.

Talk about match-fixing?  There are no ground rules, apparently, in the game of boxing.  Anything goes as long as the ref says so, even cutting the match short of the two rounds left to finish the game.  This sudden, and unprecedented stopping of the boxing match at 10 rounds, before the usual 12 rounds, looked suspiciously like Sonny Bill’s best friend, apart from his manager, and Anthony Mundine, was the referee.  How much money would this have been worth, to have Sonny Bill unbeaten by this professional and expert boxer, Francois Botha?

Well – Brad Walter and Fred Woodcock’s Sport post of 13th February 2013 says that Francois Botha  claims he was offered $A150,000 to lose the fight against Sonny Bill Williams last month, February, 2013.  Francois Botha, it was reported, said that he was taken from his hotel to meet with Sonny Bill’s manager, Khoder Nasser, to a park before the match, and that it was at this park where he was offered the bribe.

My guess is that Sonny Bill  was originally talked into this boxing lark by his Muslim manager, Khoder Nasser, who is a boxing promoter among other things. This is the man, the man who became his manager, who most probably influenced Sonny Bill into becoming a Muslim in 2008, and around the same time he switched managers.  His Australian friend Anthony Mundine is also a Muslim.  Sonny Bill is reported having been seen visiting a Sydney Mosque with Anthony Mundine.

Sonny Bill has plenty of tattoos, but that has not prevented him being embraced by the Muslim community.  Maybe this works a bit like the breaking of Catholic tradition:  The Catholics, who do not let their own priests marry,  will accept married priests into the Catholic Church if they come from another denomination, such as the Anglican Church.  And they will allow the Pope, who is appointed by God for the term of the natural life, so they say, to quit when he has had enough.  Bless him.  What courage.  I love the very last glimpse of Pope Benedict XVI which we were given live on BBC News, as he waved goodbye to the world, just  as he was about to get into his helicopter, smiling with glee, relief, triumph, and happiness.  A proper holiday at last!  He had never looked more youthful.  Good on him.  What a job HE had.

Anyway, the Moslem community in New Zealand have welcomed Sonny Bill into their fold. They were very excited to have a professed Mulsim playing  for the All Blacks in the 2011 World Cup.  Sonny Bill is the very first Muslim to play for the All Blacks.

A few quotes:  ‘To each his own’. ‘What is good for the goose is good for the gander’.  As Winston Peters has said:  ‘Most Muslim people are good and law abiding people’.  Of course, many of them are very God-fearing, caring and compassionate.

And –  ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim’. This comment was made in reference to terrorists being an international worry.  It is a reality, unfortunately, which makes it hard  for all those good and Godly Moslems to cope in Western society.  They are often unfairly judged.

One thing I do NOT like about Moslem practice is the eating of ‘halal’ meat.  Sonny Bill insists on eating only halal meat.

Someone on the blog of ‘The Multicultural Cesspool of Auckland’, (don’t share THAT sentiment, though! – Auckland would be a poorer place, culturally and spiritually, if we did not have the Pacific Island community there.  They contribute much to our NZ culture, and to the sporting world.  They are an integral part of New Zealand society.  Indian people contribute much, as do the Korean people.  If I had my way, though, I would not have brought the Zillions of Chinese people into NZ so suddenly, and I would not be letting overseas people buy our land and houses here just for investments. This means that there is nothing left for the ordinary New Zealanders who live and work here, as everything is priced beyond reach now.)

Anyhow – Back to that blogger:  This writer obviously feels quite strongly about the practice of eating halal meat, as well as Sonny Bill’s tendency to jump ship, from Christian to Moslem,  from rugby league to boxing to rugby union, from NZ to Australia and back again.  They wrote on 2nd December 2011:

“I will no longer support anything this fake coconut has anything to do with, including the New Zealand Rugby Team (for the time that he is in it).  People who insist on eating food that has been slaughtered inhumanely, dying a slow death while choking on it’s own blood, is horrible enough to have people like this in NZ, but now one playing for the country’s most coveted sports team? It makes me absolutely sick and disheartened.”

Read Merrilyn’s other post entitled:  ‘How To Get A Body Like Sonny Bill Williams’. And ‘Winston Peters On Politician’s Inappropriate Comments About Muslims’


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