Tip Top Bread NZ Pledges To Feed 7000 Hungry Children Daily

Campbell Live Brings Good News:  NZ  Bread Company Coming To Aid Of School Children Without School Lunches.

Child Poverty In NZ is affecting children’s education. Children Cannot Learn On Empty Tummies, as we all know.  Without education, people have no chance of getting out of the poverty cycle.  No one recognizes this more than NZ’s Tip Top bread company, who are putting their money where their mouth is!

Not that you can live on bread alone.  But how wonderful that this company is giving away free bread to help the community.

Congratulations again to John Campbell and his team on ‘Campbell Live’ which runs on New Zealand channel TV3.  They have not let up on the child poverty in New Zealand issue since returning to air this 2013 season.  I really think that John Campbell, as the representative of the TV3 company, should be given a Knighthood this year, just like our friend Paul Holmes from TV1 –  Sorry – ‘Sir’.  My thoughts are with you, Paul.

And so should the manager of the Tip Top bread company be nominated for a Knighthood, for the mammoth contribution they will be making in feeding 7000 hungry children daily.  The present National government don’t care, but others are picking up the tab.

I wish that these Knighthoods could be given also to those amongst us who work tirelessly, and without monetary reward, for the benefit of their communities.  Dr Lance O’Sullivan is one such person who has given so much in terms of time, and time without monetary gain.  He was reprimanded by his hospital board last year for giving his services out, in some cases, without demanding payment. He still continues to work tirelessly in the Far North of New Zealand, helping out poverty stricken people, and trying to improve the health and welfare of the Maori people up there, who are generally impoverished.

Back to Tip Top and its massive donation:  The manager of the Tip Top bread  company last night was promoting Tip Top’s ‘Nourish Our Kids’ programme, which will work in collaboration with the ‘KidsCan’ charity.  They are hoping that they can get some big businesses to join forces with them to help pay for the project.  In the meantime, they have pledged 100,000 loaves to kick-start the initiative, which will feed 7000 needy kids.  They propose to feed 7000 children for a year, which will be all of 2013 taken care of.

These are the kinds of people we want in parliament, to run the affairs of New Zealand with heart, and promise, and integrity.

How wonderful that we have people with influence in New Zealand who still care.  How wonderful it is that we still have some businesses left in New Zealand who are New Zealand owned, and who are thriving, and who can afford to contribute so much of their profit to helping the under-priviledged.  This National government under Sir John (just wait for it) has done nothing to keep businesses on New Zealand territory, or prevent businesses in trouble from shutting down.  This is disastrous for our economy and for all those thousands of people who have lost their jobs just through government neglect and error.

Bread-making can’t be done off-shore, it has to be made here, on New Zealand soil, on a daily basis, which is a very good thing for our New Zealand economy and for those 7000 children who will benefit from the charity of ‘Tip-Top’.  God Bless the John Campbell team, and God Bless Tip-Top.

Thankyou Tip-Top for this incredibly generous gift to the children of New Zealand.


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