Two Earthquakes In Iran 11 August 2012

At Least 87  People Killed and 400 Injured

North West Iran was hit this evening by two earthquakes, Magnitude 6.3 and 6.4.  This news was announced this morning on BBC broadcast, around 4 AM 12 August New Zealand time.

The  main damage is in the villages near  Tabriz and Ahar.  At least four villages have been completely destroyed, and many other villages have been severly damaged, leaving houses demolished or broken.  Haris and Varzaqab, which are towns in the Azerbaijan province, have suffered dreadful losses of life and building damage.

The first earthquake happened at around 20.37 local time, according to a BBC News.  A reporter speaking  from Tehran said that the quakes were frightening, and many people fled their houses screaming and looking for safe cover.  He said that the communication lines were down, which is making it hard for rescue operations to be carried out efficiently.

At this stage, because of communication not working in the area, we cannot ascertain a true figure of the casualties.  Unfortunately, it is probable that the death toll may rise, as well as the total amount of injured people.

South East Iran was struck by a large earthquake on 21st December 2010, which killed at least 8 people. The two Earthquakes which have just happened around two hours ago in Iran have taken at least 87 lives, according to one report.

Another Nuclear Disaster Is Possible:  The loss of life and devastation from these earthquakes tonight is surely a terrible thing for the families concerned.  But – One has to wonder about the safety of the nuclear facilities and weapons which Iran boasts, which could cause more damage to the people and the environment in the long run.   Iran is just as vulnerable to damage to its nuclear power plants as Japan was and still is, because of the earthquake risk.  It is possible that radioactive contamination may even be occurring right at this moment, as a result of earthquake-damaged Iranian nuclear power plants.  This radioactive contamination ultimately reaches every last inch of the Earth, which is why nobody, anywhere, should be building nuclear power plants, or housing nuclear weaponry.  Any technology which is nuclear-powered is too hazardous for our vulnerable little planet, its plant and animal life, and its people.

These earthquakes should be a warning to the politicians and the powerful everywhere in the world, who want to maintain nuclear power plants and create nuclear weapons. Radioactive contamination could destroy life on Earth.

In the event of a major nuclear disaster, which could happen because of a series of big earthquakes, or even one massive one in a strategic spot, many people would die within a short time of radiation sickness.  Then, more people could die of slow-developing cancers and other debilitating sicknesses, as well as from starvation.  Photosynthesis could be halted, meaning that plants may not grow because of lack of adequate sunlight, or plants may become too toxic to eat, because of radiation fall-out.



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