UK Websites Attacked Retaliation Julian Assange 22 August 2012

‘Operation Free Assange’:  The  Hacking Collective Anonymous has hacked some UK Government websites in retaliation for ‘the way in which the Julian Asange asylum case has been handled’, it says.  This news came across our BBC News aired to NZ during the night.  So the hacking would have happened towards the end of the day, on the 21st August, 2012, London time.

Julian Assange, founder of the file-sharing site ‘WikiLeaks’,  has been in the protection of the Ecuador Embassy in London since the 19th June, 2012.

The row over Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website has escalated this week, with the Ecuadorian Government giving political asylum to Julian Assange.  “He is one of the foremost political prisoners in the world at the moment”, they say, “and it is likely that he won’t be given a fair trial by the US over his publication of various war crimes committed by the US, and other ‘sensitive’ government material”.  He has reason to fear for his life.

The British government retaliated with a written and verbal threat to the Ecuador Embassy, saying that if Julian Assange did not give himself up, then they would revoke the diplomatic status of the Embassy, so that they could legally enter the Embassy building to take him away.

This has angered the Ecuador Government, and the ambassador at the Embassy:  “We will not be bullied by the British Government”, said Mr Ricardo Patino at the Ecuador Embassy in London, “We are not a British Colony”……..”The days of British colonialsim are long-gone.”

The threat made by the British government has naturally caused a huge uproar, and inspired a huge reaction from human right activists all over the world.   What is the use of an Embassy at all, if the government can declare it NOT an embassy at any point, with the diplomatic  protection taken away of the staff who work in it, and the people it is protecting?

Many Latin American countries have joined forces against what they see as an imperialist Britain, and diplomats from these countries will meet together in Washington DC this Friday, to see what can be done about taking action on the political asylum offered by Ecuador.

At the root of the whole row is really the assumption that America, supported by Britain, and Sweden too, it seems, is capable of silencing the messenger – the one who spoke the truth – Julian Assange through his website WikiLeaks.  He has exposed horrendous crimes done by both America and Britain.  Why should these people ‘get away’ with their crimes, just because they are the powerful nations of the world?  They should be answerable to their crimes, just as anyone else is.

That America, in collaboration with Britain and Sweden, are threatening Julian Assange with trial by a military court back in the USA, with either a life sentence, or the death penalty, is the ultimate in bullying.

The message is clear:  We will get rid of you, or silence you somehow, if you dare to expose our secret crimes.

And I really did not like the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, when he made a public announcement on BBC television to this effect:  “The British Government will do everything it can to get Julian Assange sent to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault……We will not allow the housing of criminals in any embassy…..,We mean to send him to Sweden…….With whatever means is necessary”

William Hague pompously announced that an Embassy should not be used to protect criminals……But this statement implies that Julian Assange is a criminal.  He is NOT a criminal.  He has not even been arrested by the Swedish authorities, and no formal charges have been laid to do with the ‘allegations’ against him.   The complaints of two women, who were both consenting, are simply ‘allegations’, and no more.

We are foolishly naive if we can believe that these allegations are  the reason the Swedes have requested his extradition to Sweden.  What man, or woman for that matter, suspected of sexual assault in another country, with no evidence to support the claim, and no formal charge made by that government, has the need to find protection in a foreign embassy, has the whole of the British police force after him, has the British Foreign Secretary making broadcasts to the nation stating that any means will be used to catch him, including renouncing the diplomatic right of the embassy protecting him, and who define him as ‘a criminal’ without any trial?

So ‘Operation Free Assange‘ is under way.  The collaborative hacking organization ‘Anonymous’ have already retaliated, hitting several government sites.

The major government websites which have been hacked in solidarity with the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange,  are: The UK Ministry of Justice, No 10 Downing Street, The Home Office, and the Department of Work and Pensions.  The UK Ministry of Justice has had limited access during the night, with intermittent reception.

According to the TG Daily webside, this government department is downplaying the importance of the event, and has stated:  ‘This is a public information website, and no sensitive information is held on it.   No other Ministry of Justice systems have been affected’.

Six hours ago, the website ‘Inagist’  posted up information on the website hacking , but their page says ‘this information is currently unavailable’.  I wonder – has their material been hijacked by Government hackers?

The Christian Science Monitor has a lot to say on the matter:  The ‘


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