Visions Of Deceased Loved Ones

DSC01886The World Day Of Prayer March 1st, 2013, was a great day of ecumenical prayer, where we gathered from many denominations and cultures to celebrate our unity, our ‘oneness’ with God.

But something else very interesting happened for me on this day of prayer, which was held in the Catholic Church at Morrinsville.

Not that long ago, people were afraid to speak about instances where either they had seen visions of deceased loved ones, or about other communications having been made from our friends on ‘the other side’.

If you belonged to a Christian Church, it was likely that you might be branded a ‘spiritualist’ or a ‘witch’ or some agent of the devil if you saw visions, even if the vision was of your young child who had died at an early age, come to assure you that all was well, and to affirm that there most certainly is a “Heaven’, a place ‘on the other side’ where we will all meet again one day.

Nowadays, it seems, people in the Christian Churches are less opposed to talking about these things, and it is not so likely that you will be branded a nutter, or a satanist, for owning up about your visions.

After the World Day Of Prayer service, whose theme was a meditation on ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’, we ajourned to the hall to have morning tea-brunch.

And isn’t it interesting how nothing is an accident, and how people ‘of like mind’ will gather together, even without having met any of these people ever before?  This is what happened:

Several of us gathered around one  lovely, and almost elderly, Nun who had attended the Church service.  She had worked for a time in Rome, which had especial appeal to us all in the light of Pope Benedict’s recent abdication, and the question about who will take his place.  She had also worked for many years in Samoa, helping the poor and needy in the community.

As we talked, somehow one lady spoke of her deceased son who had been killed at the young age of 21,  in a bike accident, and how he had appeared to her in a vision to tell her that he was OK, and not to worry.

That gave me the cue to share my own experience of my daughter who had died at only 3 months old, but who had returned at age 10, briefly, to tell me how happy she was,  that life was still continuing for her, and that there most surely is a ‘Heaven’.  “I am not dead, and all is well’, she indicated to me.

Then a third lady who was also talking to the lovely Nun, told us of her experience which was similar to ours.  Her child had also died at a young age, but had continued to grow in Spirit, in Heaven after leaving this world.  She knew this, because although he had died so young, he was a grown man when he appeared to her all those years later.

Just two weeks prior to the World Day of Prayer, where I met these other women who had seen visions of their deceased children, I met another person – a man this time – who had seen his deceased baby boys in a vision.  It was the same story – although they had died as premature babies, they appeared to their father as boys of about five years old, five years after their departure from Earth.  His vision had actually happened whilst he was in Church.  He had seen them appear as he gazed and meditated upon the Cross of Jesus.  However, these visions do not have to take place in a Church for them to be authentic, and to have a very profound meaning for the one who is experiencing the vision.

When my Rosy appeared to me, it was such a joyous occasion, leaving no doubt about her existence in the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.  She came to reassure me, and to let me know for sure that life goes on after death.

Her appearance was part of a scenario which could not have been manipulated by any physical being on Earth:  As my children were playing with a friend of the family who was the same age as my living daughter, this young child came up to me on the lawn in the park where we had gone for lunch.  Out of the blue, she came over from their game of tag around the linden tree, to ask about Rosy, when no-one was talking about Rosy at all.  ‘Was Rosy older than Monica, or younger than Monica when she died?  I knew something was up right away.  I answered simply, as I breast-fed my youngest baby:  “She was older than Monica, but younger than Goldmund”, I said.  She went back to the tree to join in the game again, then came right over again to ask:  ‘How old was she when she died?’ —–“Rosy was three months old when she died”, i said.  She went back to play around the tree in the garden, and just as she went, there was Rosy, standing in a glory of shining white light, like an Angel, to tell me her news.

I am quite sure that our little friend had seen her, even before I did, and that was the reason she came over to ask me the details about Rosy’s death.

There is no doubt that life goes on after death of the human body.  Also – the life after death belongs to EVERYONE.  Our loving God just cannot be planning to exterminate the Spirits of people from other religions after death. Heaven, or ‘the other side’ is not a prerogative of just Christians alone.

Whatever your life has been, your accomplishments, your failures, all go along with us into the afterlife, where we get the opportunity to grow and develop in those areas where we have failed.  We can use our skills, our art, our love and compassion, to help others in the afterlife, in a much more profound way than what most of us are capable of doing here on Earth.

We also have the opportunity to learn new skills and arts, with teaching by the most accomplished teachers.

Death is not something to be feared.  But it really is a good idea to value every living moment of the life to love our neighbours as ourselves, and to try to develop spiritually to the enth of our capability.  This is the time to develop our character and our skills as much as possible in preparation  for the next life.


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