BP Fines 3 to 5 Billion Dollars For Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Environmental Disaster Decision, 15 November, 2012, concerning BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico 2010:

BP is guilty of criminal activity and neglect over its Gulf of Mexico Disaster of April, 2012, when their underwater drill went wrong and spilled massive amounts of crude oil into the Gulf over an 83 day period. It will be paying out the biggest criminal fine in US history, amounting to several billion dollars.

BBC gave us the news in the night that the total sum of the fine to BP will be between $3 Billion to $5 Billion, and that the final amount will be determined in America today.

A criminal fine of $1.256 Billion is part of the total sum, according to one post put up an hour ago.  The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and National Academy of Sciences will be given reparation money, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission will also be part of the deal.

The criminal charge relates to the deliberate misleading of the public and environmental bodies by  BP executives who lied about the amount of oil being spilled daily.  The oil spillage was reported as being 5,000 barrels per day, when the amount was actually a massive 83,000 barrels per day.

However, while this is a welcome decision, no amount of money will bring back the wildlife who perished, or help all those families who have suffered.  The effects of the oil spill are on-going.

Many people who could not afford to leave the affected parts of the coastline have succumbed to cancer and other debilitating diseases since this oil spill.

Crude oil is an extremely toxic thing.  It poisons animals, people, and the general environment.

Our National government of New Zealand needs to be reminded about the toxicity of oil.  The National government should not be supporting any oil drilling in our NZ waters.

The Rena shipwreck disaster in Tauranga last year gives an indication about the consequences of an oil spill on our little coast-line.  This was relatively small compared to the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Yet it killed much of our wildlife and caused damage along the coast-line for miles.

It also closed down the businesses of many people who were reliant on the sea for their livelihood.  Fishermen, tourist operators  – these people were all affected while the sea and the coast-line remained polluted.  Many people who were otherwise employed have had to go on the dole as a result of the Rena oil-spill in Tauranga. While the people along the coast who are reliant upon the sea for their food, had no edible shell-fish to collect, nor fish to catch, whilst they waited for the pollution to subside.

Deep Sea oil drilling should not be permitted anywhere in the world.  The Planet and the life it sustains simply cannot withstand too many more of these disasters.  Doesn’t matter how good the technology is.  Things can always go wrong through human error or faulty equipment.




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