Close-Up TVNZ1 Poverty In Northland and Women Pianists To Play

Thankyou TVNZ No Sexist Attitudes Today Friday 22nd June 2012  Well – I missed Petra Bagust on Breakfast this morning, and I hope that my comments in my post yesterday, which were meant to support Petra, had nothing to do with her absence today.

However – it was good to see the women doing their thing on the Friday morning show.  Very smart females news-readers and reporters, and Toni Street nicely tempering  Rawdon Christie’s tendency to dominate.  The ratio of men versus women was definitely in favour of women today, and Rawdon did not display any rudeness with his co-host.

Saturday 23rd June 2012:  I enjoyed Breakfast with Gordon Harcourt  and Toni Street. Gordon is well-known for his appearances on the ‘Fair-Go’ programme.

Breakfast’ with Gordon and Toni is a very entertaining and jolly affair.  I must watch out for this pair.  They work very well together, and the atmosphere is always refreshing, light-hearted, and good-humoured.  Just what we need to start the day.

I enjoyed the ‘Close-Up’ programme last night, hosted by Mike Hosking. I notice that Mike Hosking’s name and photo was absent from the ‘Close-Up’ website page for the 22nd June 2012. Even though he is only a part-time presenter of the show, I think his profile should be seen on the web-site if he is actually presenting it.  He does a good job, in my opinion.

The story about the Northland doctor who has resigned because of  criticism against his practice of treating people regardless of whether they can pay or not, was an especially poignant one.  This doctor has integrity, and is standing by his Hippocratic oath.  Hippocrates  is the most famous of the ancient Greek physicians, and he is regarded as ‘the father of medicine’.  The ‘Hippocratic oath’, which all doctors in the Western world must take after they graduate, is a vow to put the patient’s well-being before profit.  This means that all doctors are morally obliged to treat sick people regardless of whether they can afford the fee.  This doctor spoke about the poverty-stricken people in his community, who are unable to pay for decent medical help, and how there is a need for funding, and a need for people to be more compassionate.  Money needs to be invested in these poor communities, to improve the living standards,  to give people warm and dry houses, and to give people the jobs that they need, so that they can eat good nutritious food.  This doctor has been derided by some in his profession, for obeying the Hippocratic oath and treating people for nothing.  And so he has resigned (from the hospital board? – must find out)

Women Given The Spot-light On Close-Up Tonight: It was great to see the absolutely brilliant young women pianists who are contesting the Keri Keri International Piano Festival at Keri Keri this year.  If I had one zillionth of the technical skill that these girls have on their pianos I would be made.  Interesting that of the three young women pianists profiled on ‘Close-Up’, I think one came from the Ukraine, one from Korea, and one was born in New Zealand.  I especially liked the Ukraine girl, whose playing expressed the rich romantic nature of the Russians.  If you were told that she was Tchaikovsky’s great-grand-daughter, you would believe it. But they were all very, very good.  Must watch out for the high-lights of this competition which is coming up on the 28th June in Keri Keri, New Zealand.


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