Earthquakes and Suicides on the Rise Saturn Goes Direct Monday

Melbourne Earthquake 19th June 2012.

I talked about the incidence of earthquakes, depression, accidental deaths and suicides being on the rise during this last phase of Saturn’s Retrograde cycle, in posts I put up a few weeks and some several months ago.

Saturn is in Libra right now, and it has been Retrograde since January this year – which means that if you have any planets in Libra, especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Saturn itself, you will have been especially affected by Saturn’s Retrograde motion in Libra.

My 30 year old son has just had major surgery for thyroid cancer, which involved an operation similar to open-heart surgery, to take out a tumour near the heart.  His own birth Saturn is in Libra, with Pluto nearby, which has given him very demanding challenges over the past year or more, as he experienced the Saturn Return.

This sudden cancer operation coincides with Saturn in Retrograde motion, coming backwards through Libra towards his own natal Saturn.  So, although his Saturn Return is ostensibly over, Saturn Retrograde in Libra has given him another dose of the ‘Saturn Return’, which happens when the moving planet Saturn does the full circle around the zodiac, to meet the placing of Saturn at your birth.

We are all affected when a major planet goes Retrograde, but you will be even more affected by the incident of Saturn changing from Retrograde to Direct again if you have Libra stuff in your chart.  Squares or Oppositions to the Retrograde Saturn in Libra will also mean you will be affected, especially as Saturn does its change-over.

Scorpio people who have their birthdays at the beginning of Scorpio’s cycle, and those with Scorpio Moons or Saturns, will also have been experiencing extra-hard challenges since January this year, with the intensity increasing right now and up to the day Saturn goes Direct again – the 25th June, 2012.  This is because Saturn was in Scorpio when it began its Retrograde motion in January, 2012.

We have had some tragedies occur during the past few days – the death of Rodney King at his home in the USA, and the suicide of up-and coming Indian  cricketer, P.K. Dharma, who was just 21 years old.  P.K. Dharma, being just 21 years, was three-quarters the way round to the Saturn Return, which means Saturn would have been in Square to his own Natal, or birth, Saturn.  Saturn being Retrograde in relation to the Saturn Square Saturn aspect  would have given him huge emotional and physical challenges.  It is such a dreadful pity that he ended his life, as if he had waited for Saturn to go Direct in just one more week, he would have found things lightening up again, with problems being easier to solve.

Everybody is challenged during the times of the Saturn Return – but whatever the difficulties, it pays to remember that things always become less difficult, with problems being easier to solve, once Saturn has gone Direct again, and is moving forward, away from your own natal Saturn.  So many suicides and accidental deaths or injuries occur during the time of the Saturn Return, and most suicides actually occur while Saturn is still Retrograde.

The tragic death of Jordan from Mykonos Pizzas in Paeroa is another very sad and very unusual incident which has come just at the time that Saturn is making its changeover from Retrograde motion to Direct.

Saturn is due to go Direct again on the 25th June, 2012, so these last few days prior to the Direct motion of Saturn starting again, are the most intense and volatile ones.

We had a large earthquake strike Melbourne yesterday, the 19th June, 2012,  and I predict that more quakes will strike us down-under in the southern hemisphere today, the 20th June, 2012.  The dull, dead kind of energy which Saturn exerts during the time of its change-over, can certainly be felt as I write this today, at 1.PM in Orewa, Auckland.

After around Wednesday, after Saturn goes Direct on Monday, there should be a settling down of extreme incidents, such as earthquakes, accidents and suicides.  Of course, these things will continue to happen, and people will be affected more or less by their own birth charts, and whatever planets are triggering those birth stars.  But the spate of unusual accidents, earthquakes, suicides, murders, etc, should lessen dramatically after next week.

It is a pity that John Key is trying to force his public asset sales agenda through parliament in these volatile days just prior to Saturn returning to its Direct motion.  The event of this important decision being made while Saturn is at its peak of negativity is NOT a good omen, methinks.  If John Key gets his wish granted, the move to sell assets willl have disastrous consequences for the NZ economy and all New Zealanders in the long term, and the day will come when this decision to sell public assets will have to be reversed or remedied somehow.

John Key’s brain might operate more clearly if he  would wait until Saturn goes Direct before making his cut-throat moves on our precious NZ owned assets.  After next week, he might not be such the proverbial ‘bull at the gate’ in his cut-cost approach to education, and his quick-fix sales of NZ assets.

Will continue this in a few hours = I am off to play piano and to do some singing at a local hospital. They are having a mid-winter festival.  Will try to relieve this Saturn influence with a bit of music cheer.  Long-term hospital stays are not really anybody’s idea of a holiday at any time, without the added influence of Retrograde Saturn which inclines people to nostalgia, sadness, and grief.




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