Greek Prayer For The World From A 1904 Prayer Book

Prayer of Hope, Healing, and Prosperity for the World.

There is no need for a ‘Greek crisis’.  There is no need for a global banking crisis.  Between $21 to $31  Trillion Dollars  are hidden away in tax havens, according to the BBC News this week, July 21st, 2012.  Apparently, the sum of $21 Trillion Dollars equates to 3/4 of the whole debt of the world.  So, you can see, that the problem of hoarding money for which no tax is paid, is having a very bad consequence for the average man, and for the health of countries, generally.

May the global banking crisis be healed. May the funds and resources of the world be shared without thought to financial gain.  May the food of the world feed all people so that no poverty remains.

Greek Prayer For The World:  This is a wonderful old prayer which comes from the Prayer Book “Great Souls At Prayer”.  This book was compiled by Mrs Mary W. Tileston, and was published in 1904.  The copy which I have is the Third Edition of a run of ‘Seventh Thousand’ books.   One can adduce, therefore,  that the Prayer itself well pre-dates this 1904  publication of the devotional.  The attribution of the Prayer is simply “Greek Church”.

I like this Prayer, because it reminds us to think of the Good in the world, and  the Good in ourselves, and the power within us to use this Good to pray for better conditions for the people of the world.

May people with influence be touched by this Prayer, so that the desire to do Good for our neighbours and our fellow-men be the most earnest desire of all things.

O Lord Our God, Who Hast Bidden the light to shine out of darkness, who hast again wakened us to praise Thy goodness and ask for Thy grace:

Accept now, in Thy endless mercy, the sacrifice of our worship and thanksgiving, and grant unto us all such requests as may be wholesome for us.

Make us to be children of the light and of the day, and heirs of Thy everlasting inheritance.

Remember, O Lord, according to the multitude of Thy mercies, Thy whole Church;  all who join with us in prayer;  all our brethren by land or sea, or wherever they may be in Thy vast kingdom, who stand in need of Thy grace and succour.  Pour out upon them the riches of Thy mercy, so that we, redeemed in soul and body, and steadfast in faith may ever praise Thy wonderful and Holy name.


Greek Church.


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