Japan Earthquake And Tsunami 7th December 2012

A Large Earthquake Today Magnitude 7.3  In Japan:  A large earthquake off the North East of Japan struck today, followed by a tidal wave.  The shock of the quake was felt miles away in Tokyo, but no damage is reported.

A tsunami followed the earthquake, heading for the same area as the massive one which struck in March 2011.  However, this tsunami today was only around a metre high, which was a great blessing to the people living along the coast in the Miyagi prefecture.

The worry was that the Fukushima nuclear power station, and other nuclear plants along the coast, could be further damaged by the earthquake tremors, or by the tsunami.  The authorities have said that no more damage has occurred.  However, this assurance has been taken with a grain of salt by many Japanese people, who feel suspicious of their nuclear facilities and  the authorities  who  down-played the damage to these nuclear plants after the tsunami caused a nuclear disaster.  The Fukushima power plant officials in fact  lied about the condition of the nuclear plant,  which was in a critical state of melt-down after the earthquake and tsnami.  They deceived the public over a period of months, as to its safety.

We pray that there will be no more major earthquakes in the region, and no more tsunamis.

Safe Alternatives To Nuclear Power:  We pray also that no more nuclear-power stations will be built anywhere in the world, and that all existing ones will be eventually shut down, following the example of Germany, who plans to be totally nuclear-free by around the year 2020.

Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011, followed by nuclear poisoning from the damaged Fukushima power plant and others along the coast, a strong movement against nuclear power has grown throughout Japan.  This movement visualizes clean, ‘green’ energy power plants in place of all nuclear power stations.

The UK is still planning on building at least 10 more nuclear power facilities within the next few years, which seems an extraordinary folly, considering the escalating incidence of natural disasters such as tsunamis, etc..  The British authorities tell us that new technology will make these new plants completely safe.  But nuclear power can never be totally, 100% safe.  There will always be the human error factor, and also the ‘acts of God’, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and horrendous tornadoes.  Any of these have the potential to wreck a nuclear facility, no matter how ‘safe’ it has been made.

China is also thinking of building around 100 more nuclear power stations within the next five years.  Another terrible decision, which could have dire consequences for all life on earth should more earthquakes strike China.



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