Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman Says Spend To Alleviate Poverty

1 June, 2012. Austerity Measures are not the answer to the economic crisis, says Nobel Prize winner for economics, Paul Krugman.  Mr Krugman said on a BBC interview a couple of nights ago,  that European governments should all be borrowing right now to help their struggling peoples, and to quickly create jobs so that things don’t grind to a complete halt.

The voice of the concert pianist from BBC is speaking in my ear now – “I don’t know anything about banking – but – shouldn’t the same principle apply to keeping our state-owned assets, instead of selling them?”  And shouldn’t we do everything we can to keep our schools running just as they are, without jeopardizing our system by making classes bigger, and putting NZ teachers on the dole?

Yes.  Of course.  Just listen up John Key – you DON’T know best.  Listen to the advice of prize-winning economist Mr Paul Krugman.   Don’t sell our NZ state-owned assets or any of our farm land to foreigners.

Don’t change our school systems, fire teachers, or make class sizes bigger, just to cut costs.

Don’t sell off your body organs if you can help it.  Because you will need them so that you can work, walk, talk, and eat once you recover.  Without body organs, you will be useless.  Without our state-owned assets which bring in billions of dollars each year, we will all be rendered useless in New Zealand.  Without education, we are pretty useless. Our assets, our land, our rivers, our coastlines, our mines, our forests, our schools – these are the body-organs of our little country New Zealand, and we need to preserve them.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”, as my Mum always said.

The Nobel Prize winner for economics, Paul Krugman,  compares the economic crisis in Europe, and all about the world, to the situation of  having a busted car, and of not having the  money to get the thing fixed. If  you do not fix the car, and you are reliant on that car to get to work, then you are likely to lose your job.

The result of NOT fixing the car and losing your job is that things will become  even worse, and you will become even more poor.  So you need to borrow money in this instance, to get the car fixed so that you can keep your job, pay the rent, and buy the food that you need for your family.  Then, once your situation is secure again with the money coming in,  you can start making plans to pay back that money you borrowed to have the car repaired.  You might need to work longer hours, but it can be done.

This makes complete sense.

So – to the Prime Minister of NZ –  Do what Nobel Prize Winner for economics, Paul Krugman suggests – BORROW THE MONEY that you need RIGHT NOW – to help our people in need.  Keep the fabric of our society intact, rather than wrecking it.

Keep our assets, and borrow the money needed – Use it to create jobs.  To keep our schools running and our teachers in jobs. To leave our great school system functioning just the way it is, unchanged.

Listen up Paula Bennet and Hekia Piranha.  Sorry.  Pirata.  John Key’s side kicks, methinks, who mimick his every word and support his passionless approach with regard to the landless majority and the Maori people.  Both are doing their best to ape the WORST aspects of European Pakeha women, and leave their Maori heritage behind.

These poncy politicians who are NOT child educators, and know nothing about education,  claim that 20% of our children are coming out of the schooling system without the basic academic skills  required to get a job.  This is their excuse for their planned drastic changes to our school system.

But – Children coming out of school – and university also – are  often unable to find a job,  mainly because there are so few jobs to be had. This is NOT because our teachers are deficient in any way.

And where children really have not learned the basic skills, it is no fault of the teachers. This situation is usually because of two things –  basic poverty in families – and classes that are too big. 

You cannot learn anything on an empty stomach, or when things are emotionally difficult at home because the family is struggling.  Sometimes it is only a basic minimum wage which keeps some of these families alive.  Wages are poor, and there are not enough jobs to go around.  Many people do not have enough food to feed the family, after their exorbitant rents, which go to some capitalist land-owner somewhere, are paid.  Then there is the electricity, which will take another leap in cost, if the national government sell off our power companies to overseas interests.  Children will not learn so easily when their families are constatntly under pressure to find the money for the basics, with little food on the table.

You cannot fool us into believing your story John Key,  and Hekia Parata, that our kids are going to be better educated in larger classes.  NOBODY believes that.

National party politicians can expect a huge backlash because of these politicians’ ridiculous, mindless and callous austerity measures.  Protests will become more vehement, especially when people are reminded that these particular politicians – Key, Bennett, and Pirata, who themselves came from working class families, and who benefitted from the state systems, are the ones who are fast dismantling our schools and the social welfare systems.  They are dismantling  state housing – degrading our schools by having large classes – making  university education a privilege for the already privileged – and increasing taxes for families and those on low incomes.

Only those young people whose families can afford to keep them will be able to take on a student loan and pay it back again.  The people who most need state help in order to get education, in order to work their way out of poverty, are being targeted under John Key’s national government.

The demonstration by protesting university students which took place around Auckland yesterday, is nothing to what will come if these national party policitians continue their downscaling of resources, jobs, and making things even more difficult for students.   This demonstration was quite a lot more rowdy and disruptive than these things usually are, and this was because of that  stupid mate of  Clueless Key’s,  Bill English, who said  last week, after a well-ordered and peaceful  demonstration in Wellington, that NZ university demonstators needed to ‘take some lessons from the Greeks in how to perform a protest’.  What an idiot is this ‘Backblock Bill’.

The Auckland demonstrators did not break any windows, or burn down any buildings, as in Athens.  But politician Bill English seems to think that this kind of destructive behaviour is a sign of an effective demonstration.

God Help Us.  Our National party politicians are ‘all brawn and no brain’.  They have still got their gum-boots on.  Well – not John Key, probably.  He probably doesn’t need to put them on, because Hekia Parata is wearing  his ones.

They don’t know how to run our country in a civilized manner, or how to manage our assets so that they work for us.   They lack the planning, lack the intellectual and economic savvy to be running our country efficiently, and, most importantly, they have no compassion or inkling to help people worse off than they are.  These fat-salaried tax-dodgers gave themselves a TAX CUT, when,  at the same time, they  made things more difficult in so many ways  for the average Joe Blogs, or Ena Sharples.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these fat-cat politicians will put their children into private schools where the class sizes will be smaller.

And so now we can expect, if the Key-Parata plans come off,  that the under-priviledged will become even more under-priviledged.  Children will not get educated half as well in these big classes the national government is proposing, and unless you can afford a private school, this is what you will have to accept.  Because Parata and Key say so.

Already we have heard that many teachers are gong to be put out of work.  This will mean more people on the dole.  We have also heard that the technical classes for children will be cut out of the education system, and that our intermediate schools will close.  What utter madness.  Technology classes are the fun classes which teach children life skills such as cooking and carpentry.   Things which will be useful to them when they have their own families.

Taking away the pleasures in school is not going to enhance our children’s education either.  School has to be a fun place to go.  If it is unenjoyable, then students do not generally learn much.

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman would have quite a lot to say about these punitive and socially destructive measures which you, John Key, and you, Hekia Parata, are imposing on, and planning for,  the people of New Zealand.

Key Points for John Key to Remember:

THERE ARE NO JOBS.  Well – there are a few.  But not enough to go around by any means. Famlies are struggling.  We need to keep all those jobs going – teachers – police – state servants – factory jobs – agricultural jobs – the lot.

CREATE MORE JOBS. AND KEEP THE EXISTING ONES;   No Jobs – this is why thousands are flocking to Australia and other places every week of the year.  Student loans to pay and no work?  Why stay here, if you can’t pay off the student loan with money from a decent job?  While the government is stacking on the interest for that education loan?  There are jobs to be had in Australia.  You can’t blame uni graduates for going there.

KEEP OUR SCHOOLS THE WAY THEY ARE:  Making class sizes bigger and putting ‘a better trained’ teacher in to manage these huge classes is NOT going to give our children a better education.  Keep our teachers here in the jobs they are currently doing so well.  Why drive these skilled people over-seas because of redundancies here in New Zealand?

KEEP OUR ASSETS:  Selling off our assets is akin to selling body parts for a quick injection of cash  – Like   ‘throwing the baby out with the bath-water’ – Like selling your soul to the devil.

Postscript 7th June 2012:  Protests against the government’s threats to change our school system have worked.  This news has been welcomed by teachers, parents, and children all over New Zealand.

Hekia Parata announced today that the National government would NOT be making any changes to our NZ schooling system.  She talked with the Prime Minister John Key, who is in England attending the Queen’s 60th anniversary of reign,  and the outcome of the Key-Parata conversation seems to be that National have back-tracked on their proposed drastic changes to our school class sizes.  No teachers will be laid off, which would have happened with the bigger classes, and no technology classes will be cut.

But the bad news is still to come, methinks.  We will not be shouting for joy when the PM gets back from his trip to England.  What’s the bet that he uses the ‘no-change-to-schools’ as an excuse for selling off more of our state-owned assets?


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