NZTV1 Sunday Programme Unfairly Slanders Kim Dotcom Nov 2012

This is not investigative journalism. This is a personal attack on Kim Dotcom.  John Key will be kissing himself right now.  He must have friends on TV1, I would say.  This programme ‘Sunday’ running tonight is a ploy to divert the public’s attention from the real issue which should concern us – the integrity of our policitians – The programme is designed, instead, to protect NZ’s prime minister John Key, and everyone else who was involved in the conspiracy to arrest Kim Dotcom for the FBI in America:

“But Not Everyone In New Zealand Is Buying Kim Dotcom’s Propaganda” began the programme, which is currently running on our telly right at this moment.

Who says it is propaganda?  Our government has lied about the illegal spying which was done in our country, for the FBI in America.  Kim Dotcom was a resident, and as such, he is not allowed to be spied upon for the purposes of another country.   John Key, as it turns out, DID know about the spying, and he knew in advance about the planned raid on the mansion.

“Playing you like a fiddle”, said one man who wants to see Kim Dotcom brought down.  Who is playing who?

New Zealand politician John Banks pretended he did not know that his $50,000 worth of donations to help his campaign, were from Kim Dotcom.  He ASKED Kim to make them into $25,000 cheques, just so that he could declare them as ‘anonymous’.  The law in New Zealand is that up to $25,000 donations can be declared as anonymous.  So John Banks, who apparently had legal advice about the matter, asked Kim Dotcom to break up the $50,000 so that he need not declare the money to the tax department, nor to acknowledge to anyone that he had accepted such a generous amount from the internet mogul.

John Banks was at Kim’s birthday party.  We have seen pics of him enjoying himself at the party, and making a speech.  Yet he denied, before this video footage came out, that he knew Kim Dotcom very well.

Of course, none of these legal issues, or the fact that we have dishonest, lying politicians in charge of our National New Zealand government, are being discussed tonight on this extremely biased programme, which is oriented towards rubbishing Kim Dotcom.

“He keeps odd hours.  He stays up all night and gets up around 2 in the afternoon.”  So what?

We are now hearing that “Kim was not popular, even as a child…..He was always looking for the fast buck”, says one blogger from Germany.  Well – was John Key popular as a child, and does it matter?  John Key was equally ambitious, by his own account – he told himself every day (I think) that he would one day be prime minister of New Zealand.

John Key is also one of New Zealand’s richest men, who made his money from investment banking – just the very worst kind of bludger you can dream of.  Corporate greed is to blame for much of the poverty in the world, as well as its sad environmental state.

But John Key is not as rich as Kim Dotcom.  Maybe this discrepancy in wealth has fired up  the prime minister, whose wealth is the size of pea, or a peanut,  when compared to that of the MegaUpload boss,  to send him away to America ‘for good’.  Especially since the truth has come out about those ‘anominous’ (usually pronounced anonymous) donations, and John Key’s own lies have been revealed.

Opinions about a person’s likeability are not what counts.  The question is one of integrity.  The fact is that our own New Zealand prime minister, and many other people in high official places, have lied to us AND acted illegally.  ‘Sunday’ have ignored the this fact and, instead, attacked Kim Dotcom to turn the public against him so that John Key and his mottley crew, as well as the Hollywood bosses, come out smelling roses.

The Sunday Programme, as has been John Key’s want to do,  went to visit some of the Hollywood film bosses.. … “Megalomaniac”, one said…..  “Repulsive”, said someone else.

Now we have a man who worked for Kim telling his story about the fight they had when he left Kim’s establishment.  We are now hearing about how the ex-employee was held against his will at the Dotcom mansion.  This story is of no consequence at all.

These Hollywood people need to grow up.  Whether you LIKE Kim Dotcom or not, as Kim Dotcom himself says, file sharing on the internet is here to stay.

The movie industry has gotten used to making ongoing profits from their movies in recent years.  In the old days, there was little money to be made after a movie had run its course at the movie theatre. Then came videos, which brought in profits for years, and now, we have down-loading via the internet which can by-pass the money-makers for the movie and music  industry.  About time, I reckon.

The copyrighting business does not always operate in a fair manner, in any case.  The people who own copyrights are not always the rightful owners – they just jumped in first, when the old one ran out.  Take, for instance, the New Zealand national anthem – ‘God Defend New Zealand’.  For many years, this song was copyrighted by an Australian firm.  Everytime you wanted to sing the New Zealand national anthem in public, you had to pay your dues to this Aussie firm who had copyrighted it, else face a fine or possible jail.  This is a ridiculous system.

If movie stars were not currently paid such exorbitant fees for their movie roles, then the movie companies would be a lot better off.

Much of Kim’s money has been made from Google ads which run aside his content, just as you see these ads on my site here. He does not make money from the movies themselves.

Well – the latest important news over the weekend was that John Key is pulling out of Kyoto, which is  the most important environmental body – the lastditch international collaborative effort to halt climate change  and protect our planet.

John Key thinks that it is more important to side with the biggest and most powerful nations of the world – the biggest polluters of the planet – China and America, who are refusing to sign the agreement, so that they can continue their old, harmful ways of industry.

Once more, John Key places profit over and above environmental and social concerns. His most recent trip to America, which we thought would be to conflab with the FBI and Hollywood about the fate of Kim Dotcom, had  much more at stake – His most important mission in the US was obviously to tell the American government that New Zealand would be joining forces with them, and that New Zealand would be opting out of the Kyoto agreement which aims to effect changes to benefit our environment.

No surprises here.

to be continued



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