Protest Against Sale of New Zealand Public Assets Wellington 10th May 2012

Protect the Environment. Prevent Sale Of New Zealand  Public Assets to Foreign Investors.

DSCO 1558Pic taken at Dunedin Botanical Gardens by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera Dec 2012.

Hone Harawira, Mike King and Russel Norman all spoke on Prime News tonight in defence of NZ state-owned assets, and all other land and assets staying completely in New Zealand ownership. Grey Power is also speaking out against the sale of assets which our forebears have worked hard to build for us all. Their spokesperson also spoke on Prime News tonight in a plea that all public assets remain in NZ ownership.

Last night, leader of New Zealand Greens Russel Norman was quoted on TV3 News saying that we have already lost billions of dollars because of previous asset sales.  The proof is there for all to see – that we New Zealanders are the losers if our assets are sold off.  The initial sum from one state asset  sold several years ago was around $3,000,000, but the loss of revenue since that sale  about 5 years ago is now up to $21,000,000. That figure of lost revenue is rising steadily with every year.

We have already lost Twenty one million dollars in revenue in exchange  for a quick-fix deal of just three million done several years ago, yet the current national government is charging on with asset sales, despite the evidence which shows this is a bad idea, and despite the majority of New Zealanders being against it. Selling our assets off is the very worst thing we can do if we are to keep control of our own economy, protect our environment, and gain any on-going financial reward for the hard work put in by our ancestors.

The plan of John Key’s to sell off NZ assets to overseas investors is described by Russel Norman as being ‘fiscally irresponsible’.

Hikoi Against Asset Sales.  Just on a week ago, on the 4th May, 2012,  the Hikoi-protest against asset sales which had started way up in Cape Reinga in the Far North arrived in Wellington.  The Hikoi was lead by Hone Harawira of the Mana party, with Mike Smith its co-ordinator and organizer. Mid-way on its journey from the Far North to Wellington, the Hikoi stopped off in Auckland, where they inspired a great protest up Queen Street on the Saturday, 28th April, 2012.

After processing up Queen Street, the Hikoi protest gathered at Aotea Squeare where we heard Russel Norman, leader of the Greens, activist Mike Smith, Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, and Yvonne Dainty, spokesperson for the protection of Glen Innes state housing tenants, speak out against asset sales.

When the Hikoi finally arrived in Wellington last Friday, after protesting in many towns ‘down the line’, it was joined by more protestors at Te Papa, before leaving there at midday for the steps of Parliament.

Defend your country’s assets, says Mike King. Mike King said on Prime TV News 5.30 tonight, 10th May 2012, that the protest against asset sales is not going to stop with the Hikoi-protest last weekend, and that, if necessary, people are prepared to stand up and physically protect the assets which the National government is ‘putting on the block’.  People are even prepared to go to jail for the sake of keeping our NZ assets in NZ ownership, says Mike King.  He pointed out that fighting for our country should be an honourable thing, something which we should all be proud of.

Our ancestors have gone to war twice already, in an effort to protect our small nation and democracy of New Zealand.  So why should we cease to fight now for our nation, to let ‘them’ win all?  We can’t take this lying down.  We must put up a fight. John Key ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

We all need to join forces and unite as one  to drive out this  insidious and terrible invader who threatens to ruin us all here.  Well – all except for the very rich, of course, who would make sure they had their shares in all these prominent companies.

Ongoing Profits Should Benefit ALL New Zealanders:  Remember that our companies and farms were built up by many over many years, for the good of our country and the people who live in it.  These companies should remain in public control so that they profit the whole country, and not just a few.  So that any profit goes back into our own New Zealand pool of funds for the good of all who live here.

I totally support Mike King’s view on public assets, and Hone Harawira’s, and Russel Norman’s.  Our public assets, and our farms, should remain in NewZealand ownership.

Mike King is a famous sticker-upper for the rights of Maori.  Mike Smith famously cut down the one tree on Auckland’s ‘One Tree Hill’ in protest for injustices done to Maori.  The tree wasn’t a native one, anyway, but when he cut the tree down, he provoked a good deal of attention from sentimental Aucklanders who mourned the loss of their tree.  The cutting down of the one tree on One Tree Hill brought a lot of attention to Maori issues of land ownership, and the Treaty of Waitangi, and a good many other things, which I think has all helped to improve relations with the Maori people, and to have their rights recognized officially.

Now Mike King is campaigning not just for Maori, but for all New Zealanders, in his striving to keep New Zealand assets in New Zealand ownership.

Hone Harawira is doing the same thing.  Hone lead the Hikoi from the Cape to Wellington, and this is a very important march which will go down in history as being pivotal in the development of New Zealand as a nation.  Hone said on Prime News tonight that it is very very important for us to stop the government going ahead with selling off our assets – for the sake of our Mokupuna.  Grandchildren. I couldn’t agree more.


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