Saturn Retro Brings Earthquakes Accidents Depression 27 May 2012

Retrograde Saturn is sitting in Libra at the moment, nearing the end of its Retrograde cycle, getting ready for going Direct again.  This is always a challenging time for us here on Earth.  The situation right now is seeing another spate of earthquakes, which I predicted would happen in my posts around a month ago, when I wrote about the challenging aspects of Mars going Direct at that time.

Saturn Retrograde can bring out the worst or most challenging aspects of conditions which are already in existence, and this is even more pronounced just as Saturn is making its changeover.  This is because the tension put upon Earth at the time of the changeover is most intense.  Saturn appears from the Earth as if it is doing nothing – just sitting motionless in the sky.  This can bring a higher incidence of illness, depression, anger, accident, and earthquakes or storms, or volcanic eruptions, especially where Mars is also involved.

Saturn has been Retrograde since January, which would have generally affected our behaviour over this time,  making  things more difficult, generally, but more for some.  The challenging nature of Saurn will have been experienced more so for those people born in Libra or Aries, or with Libran or Aries aspects.  The following people will be more affected:

Libra people:  Sun Moon or Saturn in Libra, or squares to these things.  Or ascendant in Libra. These people will have been experiencing more difficulties with their plans, or their health, or their lives, than usual.

Aries people:  Sun Moon or Saturn in Aries, or any of these things in Cancer or Capricorn, will all be experiencing more challenging conditions right at the moment.  Aries people are often accident-prone.  So take especial care over the next month.  Those Aries people with Mars involved as well  will be more accident-prone, or anger-prone, than usual. If you are inclined to heart problems, or high blood pressure, then you will need to take extra care at this time – that applies to all people – not just Aries people.

Cancer and Capricorn people, or with important aspects in these signs, may also be feeling the pressure of Saturn Retrograde over the past 4 months.  Things will be a bit more challenging during the next few weeks.

Saturn Retrograde is a difficult aspect This is one of the most intense times of the Retrograde Saturn cycle.  This Saturn Retrograde-about-to-go-Direct can put a halt on plans which are about to come to fruition.  Be patient – after the end of June, when Saturn is moving in Direct motion again – as seen from Earth – things will go more according to plan.

The message is to be patient.  Keep hope, faith, and love in your hearts.  Just keep on doing the things that have to be done, and praying for better conditions – because things will seem a whole lot brighter after the end of the month when Saturn moves Direct again.

Of course, there will be more challenges after that, as other planets change from Direct to Retrograde, or line up in challenging configuratons.  But generally speaking, when this challenging period of Retro Saturn  finishes end of June, after 5 months being Retrograde,  we should see things iron out a bit better.  Things will settle down for a bit.

These  challenging effects  of Saturn can be both on a human level, and an environmental level.  On a human level – If there is a tendency towards depression, then you may feel worse for the next few weeks until Saturn assumes its Direct motion again.  If there is a tendency towards accident, or aggressive behaviour, or you are experiencing harsh conditions of any kind, then Saturn at the moment could make things worse, or temporarily halt that help which is on its way.  If a region is prone to earthquakes, such as in Christchurch, then it is LIKELY that there will be more disturbances there than there has been of late.

Saturn puts the pressure on the environment as well as on the human and animal condition.  It is likely that there will be more earth disturbances in Christchurch and other places on the ;ring of fire’   over the next month.  My guess is that this tendency will be increased in the week around the 20th – 30th of June 2012.

This means that things could be extra shaky for the next few weeks.  Already this week we have had more earthquakes in Christchurch – one a few days ago, and another today, with aftershocks as well.

Update on Thursday, 31st May 2012 – Italy has had two major earthquakes in the past week – one about a week ago, the other yesterday NZ time.  BBC reported during the night that aftershocks were continuing in Italy with at least  30 big shocks rocking the town after the first major one.


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