Suicides In NZ Over Christmas Period 2013-14

Suicide Is A Terribly Sorrowful Blight On Our Society

Life has gotten very tough for people in NZ, with there being so few jobs to be had, whilst support payments from Winz remain so low and out of proportion to  the rising cost of food, housing and electricity.

DSCO 1544

Extreme hardship, with not enough nourishing food and other worries, can cause people to become depressed.  Suicide can often be the result.

I was very sad to hear about the recent deaths of two people, who lived very close to my house, due to suicide.

Both these people happened to be Maori males.  One victim was only 14 years old, and I have friends who went to his Tangi.  The other victim was a father of a large family.  Apparently, this poor father was out of work and on the dole.  Both these suicides happened just after Christmas in the early New Year of 2014.

Of course, neither of these two suicides was reported as suicide in the paper.  So people who did not know the families would not have realized the sad circumstances of these deaths.

And so, the problem of our faltering society, with its hidden blights and its suicides, continues. The problem of suicide in our midst is not brought to light and openly acknowledged.

It is often said on radio reports that suicide is a problem which Maori males are most prone to.  I can believe this, since the only NZ suicides I know about for the New Year period are these two Maori deaths.

Shortly after these two deaths I heard the sad news that Philip Seymour-Hoffman, the American actor, had ended his life on 2nd February, 2014.

Well, some circumstances surrounding the deaths are likely to have been very different, with Philip having made 50 odd films and presumably receiving ongoing royalties from those movies. Philip should have had enough to live comfortably on, whereas the two Maori victims did not.

But I believe that there might be one common link between the NZ suicides in my town and that of |Philip Seymour-Hoffman, and that commonality is drugs.  Whether you are rich or poor, I believe drugs to be very bad for the brain and the emotional state, especially when things seem to be going so badly wrong.

It is possible that without drugs of any kind, none of these suicides might have happened.

Of course, drugs are not always a factor in suicides:

I heard a report on radio recently which brought to our notice the rising suicide statistics of our struggling  New Zealand farmers. Suicides amongst farmers are on the increase and have reached alarming proportions.  The true nature of the deaths is never reported in our papers, so we are largely kept ignorant about this extremely sad  problem.

Many farmers in South Australia have suffered similarly, ending their lives after the drought which has left them out of pocket and in dire straits, unable to pay their mortgages.


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