Tax Free Havens Hide 21 Trillion Dollars

The Global Banking Crisis. The Trans-Atlantic Trade Agreement and What It Will Mean For NZ.

Why Is There A World Economic Crisis?

BBC reported on the 21st July 2012, that researchers have shown that at least  Twenty One Trillion Dollars of American money is currently banked offshore, in tax-free havens.

$21 Trillion is a conservative estimate.  The reality could be something in excess of $31 Trillion.

$21 Trillion is around 75% of the entire world debt.

One response from a blogger is that the sum will look like five stacks of money, each as high and as wide as the Empire State Buillding.

The international financial crisis is a man-made thing.  There is no need for half the world to be living in poverty, with children dying every day of starvation.

This is a massive failure of the capitalistic system, which sees its proponents and its most wealthy manipulating politics and the banking systems of the world so that they can manipulate things for their own benefit.  The whole thing has resulted from the greed of the people who make huge fortunes, and escape paying their taxes.

New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key, is a banker who supports these evil capitalistic practices to the detriment of the working class, and all struggling families in New Zealand.

Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement  This is a bill which will further undermine our democratic right to have our say in New Zealand.  Our ability to prevent the sale or use of harmful products, or to stop damaging practices such as ocean oil drilling, will be curtailed in this country on the grounds of obstructing capitalism, if the bill is passed as law.  

John Key is already ignoring the desires of the New Zealand majority in his determination to sell off our valuable public-owned state assets.  But if the Trans Atlantic Agreement is signed, then NZ will become a part and parcel of the corrupt American system which sees between $21 Trillion to $31 Trillion Dollars being stacked away in tax havens around the world, so that tax is avoided on these profits.  Profits which have been gained, in many cases, from selling such legal death-inducing products as tobacco, toxic agricultural chemicals and dodgy pharmaceuticals, as well as the illegal substances such as heroin, etc.

National PM John Key gave us a further untruth last night:  He said on TVNZ3 News last night, after we saw him hob-nobbing with President Obama at the White House, that the Trans Atlantic Bill will make no difference to our political status, and will not affect the average New Zealander at all.  Because, he says, the American FBI  do what they want anyway.  He quoted the Kim Dotcom case, and said “Look what happened to Kim Dotcom.  They got him anyway”. No matter that he was here in New Zealand.

But John Key is not being at all honest about the Kim Dotcom case – because HIS GOVERNMENT HELPED THE FBI TO GET KIM DOTCOM ARRESTED.  We know that only a short time before Kim Dotcom’s arrest, that John Key visited Hollywood officials in America.  Hollywood giants are supposed to be at the bottom of the plan to demolish Kim Dotcom’s website

What’s more, John Key’s officials defied our own laws and sent all Kim Dotcom’s evidence to the American FBI.  This was an illegal act which meant that Kim Dotcom was deprived of using his own material to fight his case, because it was all sent away, off-shore, to the FBI in America.

Russel Norman, leader of the Greens, spoke on television news last night about John Key’s next detrimental plan for New Zealand – to have us become part of the Trans-Atlantic Trade Agreement.  Russel says that if we join, then the powers of government will be diminished greatly, so that we will be less able to make our own decisions regarding what we want to allow or not allow, in New Zealand.  Because profit-making will come first:  The multi-national companies, including oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural chemical companies, and tobacco companies, will in effect be making the laws for us.

If the Trans-Atlantic Trade Agreement is passed, then we may be challenged legally in New Zealand by the tobacco companies, and other overseas companies,  if we try to stop their detrimental activities here.  If we challenge their products, thereby becoming an obstacle to their profitting from such activities such as selling  cigarettes and tobacco to New Zealanders, then we may be taken to court.  Anti smoking campaigners in New Zealand could be legally challenged by the tobacco giants.

If we try to stop oil companies from drilling in our oceans, because of the environmental risk which such projects entail, then we may be taken to court.  This would be a hopeless scenario, as these international tobacco, oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies, are hideously powerful because of their accumulated wealth.

This is exactly what they want – the last stitch in the sack which will, if it is signed, see New Zealanders and all the other countries who sign it,  totally powerless to object about anything at all.


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