Thyroid Cancer Operation Successful Thanks to Auckland Dr Patel

Thankyou To Auckland Hospital 28 May 2012:

We are all grateful to Doctor Patel and his surgery team, for the operation which was carried out on Rob yesterday, at Auckland Hospital.

Surgery For Thyroid Cancer

“Dr Patel is the best surgeon in Auckland”, according to Rob.

I had hoped that Rob would have considered alternative treatment.  But now I see why he opted for urgent surgery.

I think he failed to tell any of his family just how serious his cancer was.  Perhaps he didn’t know himself.  When we visited him tonight, we were a little alarmed at the extent of his surgery wounds.  His chest was opened up, which is the equivalent of open heart surgery.  He probably kept much of the information about the eight hour operation secret until after the operation was done, to spare us the worry.

Some people might still have chosen to have Vitamin C Megadose therapy, or follow another method of curing cancer, but I think that it is a Blessing that this operation was offered to Rob, and that provisions were made so that he could have this operation.  It must be such a relief  to have the tumours out, and to be on the way to recovery.

Thankyou to the Doctor friend who urged that he go and get examined to see what was wrong.  Without this friend, he might not have done anything at all in the way getting a diagnosis, and I doubt that, left to his own devices, he would have explored the various known alternative therapies for cancer, which may or may not have worked.  Doing nothing would have been the worst thing.

Thank you too, to that doctor friend,  for arranging for ‘the best surgeon in Auckland’ to perform the operation almost immediately once the diagnosis was ascertained.

What wonderful news it is that the doctor managed to preserve two of his parathyroid glands.  Rob is certainly pleased about this.  One outcome of not losing these parathyroids is, according to the doctors, that his voice will not change.  But his immune system will certainly benefit from retaining these glands.

He had been alarmed by the prospect of having his tongue operated on, because this would have affected his speech.  Thanks to all the prayers sent up by many, he had an answer to this problem last week, when the hospital phoned to tell him that the lump in the tongue was not malignant after all, and would not need operating on.  Thanks be to God.

He has had extensive surgery.  An almost ear to ear incision, because of multiple tumours, I guess.  And another incision several inches long,  running down from his throat to his chest – apparently, there was a very large tumour which was difficult to take out except by cutting the sternum.

Who knows – maybe if I had been faced with the prospect of an early death due to the extensive cancer tumours which  Rob had,  I might very well have chosen to have the surgery too – especially seeing there was an opportunity to have “the best surgeon in Auckland” doing the job so soon, and making me better.

Thankyou to all the medical people and medical friends who have helped Rob.  We are all very appreciative of your care and skill in getting rid of these tumours and in giving Rob peace of mind and hope for the future.

Thanks to his older brother who talked him into getting another opinion from the Vitamin C clinic in Remuera Road, and who paid for this visit.  Thanks to the family from Hawkes Bay – especially to those who made the trip up here.  Many thanks tto Emma and Anita for their lovely crysanthemums and kind thoughts, and to Alexander and Katherine for their best wishes and their georgous white orchids.  Very very sweet of all you cuzzie-bro’s. And thanks to all the friends and family in Auckland.

Now – The important things are:

More Iodine – thyroid cancer develops in individuals who are short of iodine.  Being short of iodine is especially bad if you are exposed to radiation of any kind, as this leads to the thyroid absorbing toxins such as radioactive iodine instead.

DON’T CARRY YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR CHEST POCKET.  This is a real cancer risk, and I think that the tendency to put the cell-phone in the shirt pocket near the heart has led to a cancer tumour developing there.  Cell-phones are a real cancer risk – they should not be carried about on your person at all.  Also – wireless internet is especially bad.  Working in enviroments which are laden with electricity wires, computers, radio-waves and other forms of electro-magnetic energies are very bad for you – these things all have the potential to destroy life.

Remedial diet

Avoidance of all those harmful additives in food

Avoidance of anything harmful to the health such as alcohol and tobacco

Consider including Vitamin C Megadose therapy, laetrile, vitamins, and all other healthful things which might speed up recovery and prevent any more tumours from growing.

Practice daily meditation.

Kind Regards and thanks to all,

And Much Love to Isadore and all the best for your recovery.


June 20 2012



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