Will NZ Dogs Test Mind-Changing Drugs?

Against Drug Testing on Animals:

This will be a terrible thing, if our government here in New Zealand approves testing drugs on dogs.  No animal should be used for testing drugs of any kind, least of all mind-changing drugs which can drive people, and dogs, into a state of permanent madness..There is no need, and no justification,  for animals to be subjected to this kind of cruelty.

Dogs can drive cars, as seen on Campbell Live, and this shows how intelligent dogs are.  So – for a dog – man’s best friend – to be recklessly abandoned to the effects of high-inducing drugs is horrendously immoral.  Dogs are well-known for their sensitivity to smells and in sniffing out narcotics.  Sensitive people suffer very bad effects from marijuana and other drugs, and I believe that dogs also will suffer very badly from being given such drugs.

These drugs which the government is thinking of testing on dogs are an indulgence for the people who use them, and a harmful one at that.  Using mind-changing drugs of any kind, whether they be synthetic or herbal, upsets the delicate machinations of the brain.  They lead to depression, anxiety, and worse.  Even small amounts of marijuana, which is considered to be OK by many people’s standards these days, can have a disastrous effect on sensitive people.  The whole system is disturbed by marijuana, and indeed, by any herbal or synthetic high which you introduce to the body’s system.  The brain is noticeably affected for a start, and this in itself can be alarming, but I know from experience that the pineal gland is severely affected, and this can lead to hormonal disturbances.

My experience is that smoking just a few puffs of marijuana has a lingering effect on the pineal gland, which is found near the brain, and that this disturbance continues for around 3 weeks. This can muck up your hot-cold metabolism.  You might feel very chilled, when in fact the weather is very warm.  I can taste the stuff in my system for those three weeks, and can sense that the gland is not behaving quite normally, and that the brain is affected. It is dulled for around 3 weeks.  Other effects are a nervousness and extreme sensitivity to sound and light, and mild paranoia.
Then, if alcohol is introduced as well, a sensitive person could suffer extreme paranoia and mental derangement for quite some time.  Some people do not ever recover from being given mind-altering drugs.  I know of one person who became psychotic after using marijuana only very occasionally, and then taking a hallucinogenic drug – just once.  He has had a history of mental illness, and being confined to mental hospitals since this happened at the age of 18.

This person was very vulnerable to the damaging effects of drugs because of abuse in his early childhood. But sexual abuse in our country New Zealand is estimated to be around one in five by the time a child goes to school, and then one in four by the age of around 16.  So – many people in our society are vulnerable to the effects of mind-changing drugs, if you ask me.  We should not be testing these drugs.  We should simply ban them.

We know there are alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs:  Homeopathic medicine is a well-tried and reliable alternative which, for the meantime, has been driven into near oblivion thanks to the jealous drug-making giants.. But I do believe that homeopathy will make a big come-back in the near future.  Many vaccinations or immunizations are proving to be problematic, or simply do not work in preventing the disease for which they are prescribed. Herbal medicine is an ancient science.

to be continued


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