Anti Brodifacoum Meeting Today New Zealand 28 April 2011

Environment Under Threat

At 11.30 AM this morning there is a meeting to be held at Whangaparaoa Plaza, at ‘Sizzles” restaurant which will discuss the issue of the Brodifacoum poison drop due to happen on our Peninsula at Shakespear Park.

Poison Free New Zealand have been campaigning to have this Brodifacoum poison dropped on our park.

Will continue after the meeting, which I am just heading off to attend…….

Sadly, there were only eight people at this meeting.  Whangaparaoa people just don’t seem to be interested in this issue enough to attend a meeting to try to prevent the poison being dropped.

This is partly due to the advertising by MAF – a government agency in NZ – which has soft-soaped the issue to the extreme, telling us that their helicopters had equipment for the drop which is so sophisticated that no poison would land on anything else but the park.

As it turned out, their assurances were false, and things did not turn out as they had promised:  Photos later appeared in the local paper, after one of the Brodifacoum drops, of people picking up the poison pellets off the beach. These people were employed by MAF to scale the beaches to find stray poison pellets.  Ridiculous.  How could a few humans be relied upon to find every bit of brodifacoum along the beach, in the sand.  Some of it must have gone into the water, too.

Then, just a few days after this incident, where people picked up Brodifacoum off the beaches, around 20,000 seagulls (for memory) were found dead on Muriwai beach, which is not far away as the crow flies.

The other remarkable thing was that each time the poison was aerially dropped, people in Orewa and along the peninsula went down with a vicious type of flu which was hard to shake off.


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