Apocalypse Earthquake Was Predicted May 2011

Apocalypse Earthquake New Zealand 22 May 2011
Well – We are all still here, as most of us predicted.  Last night, at 6 PM New Zealand time, we were meant to have had the beginning of the ‘great earthquake’ which would spell the end of the world, according to the American preacher.  He had said that an earthquake, which would begin here in New Zealand at 6 PM last night, would roll over the whole of the world, causing graves to open up and all the good people to be taken off to Heaven.
At the turn of each century, people have predicted the end of the world, the great ‘Apocalypse’ which Revelations in the New Testament talks about at great length.  The beginning of this century was no different:  Despite people having been proved so wrong in times gone by, many people believed that we would not make it into the 21st century.
Maintaining a Nuclear-Free World,  a War-Free World, and promoting protection of the environment and the growing of  new forests,  are the very best measures we can take to ensure that the ‘Apocalypse’ does not arrive.
Whilst we cannot predict the day of the end of the world, it might seem that we are getting close to that day, though:  There is too  much more radiation in the environment  at present, and this will definitely have an effect on our health and our expected life-span, unless we take remedial measures.
Remedial measures  against radiation effects should consist of personal dietary considerations, so that we avoid contaminated foods as much as possible.  But remedial measures should also be taken seriously on a mental, spiritual and educational level, so that the rest of the world gets to see, in time,  the things which we must do.  It is imperative for our survival, and for the Spiritual well-being of everybody on the planet, that  a Nuclear-Free world, and a Peaceful world, are the emphasis we alll must promote.
Developing a world where we all value life and our beautiful planet, a world where monetary gain is not the most important thing in life,  is the way we can ensure that our children are given the best conditions for life:
A world where all dangerous projects such as nuclear power and ocean oil drilling are regarded as too evil to even consider will go a long way in  averting  any ‘Apocalypse’.
That is not to say that there won’t be any more disasters such as the Japan earthquake of March 11 2011.  The planet will still do its own thing to a certain extent, but scientists are certain now that the proliferation of earthquake disasters and tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and tornadoes and floods, are 90% due to our mistreatment of the earth.
Having nuclear power plants, and ocean oil wells will most certainly compound the damage done by earthquakes and tsunamis, as we have already witnessed at the Daiichi Fukushima Power Plant.  The tsunami which killed around 27,000  people in Japan was a terrible thing.  But now, because of the existence of nuclear power reactors in Japan, which are leaking radiation right at this moment, many more people have died, and will die, due to radiation sickness.
Radiation Effect In New Zealand To Date: Today, Sunday, I put a 4 out of 10 level of radiation in our air here at Orewa beach, Auckland.  10 is the figure I give to the radiation chemicals which were in the air from around the 20 March until roughly the end of the month, beginning of April. Then there was a lightening of the radiation, until towards the end of April, which seemed to coincide with southerly winds, although there was not an immediate improvement:  It took several days before the air cleared again.  Then, with northerly winds, which I reckon must be bringing radiation pollution, the level grew worse again. This brought the headaches, bone pain, burning eyes with focus slightly impaired, sore throat, sore lungs again.   This lasted for another week or so. These symptoms, and the taste of chemicals in the air, were really bad from about the 9th May and lasted until last weekend, when the winds became cold from the south.  On the Sunday 15 May 2011, things were improving slightly.  By Monday, levels had reduced dramatically.  Wednesday last, 18 May 2011, the levels were again causing health disturbances.  A feeling of faintness, of the brain being disconnected with its vital force, was a concern.  Eyesight became worse. -Even my 7 month old grandson seemed to be suffering the same irritating cough and had a runny nose.  He would not settle.  The next day, he had bounced back again, and that day was the day that my internal barometer of nuclear poisons detected that conditions had improved again, to about a level 2 out of 10.   Today, 22 May 2011, there is a mild cold southerly wind  breeze, but the radiation is still in the air.  About 3 or 4  out of 10.  Enough to make me mindful about avoiding dairy milk, cheese, all fish,  eggs, and broad-leafed vegetables.I am using only bottled, purified water for the meantime.
For our survival and the survival of all animal and plant life, for the survival of the planet, it is ESSENTIAL to get rid of all nuclear power stations.  This would be a good start.


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