Christchurch Earthquake 2011 Will There Be More

Can You Predict an  Earthquake?

There are often signs which tell us that an earthquake is coming.  There may be changes in cloud formations, or a sudden rise in temperature which is characterised by an eerie stillness in the air.  Dogs may howl.  Roosters may crow.

Dr Neil Whitehead is an  earthquake researcher who says that animals are sensitive to the low frequency electro-magnetic waves which are present before an earthquake strikes. He is collating unusual incidents relating to earthquakes which people have witnessed. He was interviewed on Channel One’s Close Up programme, TVNZ, 16th  September, 2010.  At the moment he is investigating the Christchurch earthquake of 7.1 magnitude, which occurred very recently in New Zealand.

Very fortunately for the people in Christchurch, the earthquake which struck on the 4th September 2010 happened at 4.35AM, before most people had started off to work, or even got up out of bed.  This means that the city area, where much  destruction of old buildings has occurred, was pretty much empty of people.

The Christchurch earthquake was similar in magnitude to the one which struck recently in Haiti.  This earthquake in Haiti was devastating for the people of Haiti. It has caused much destruction and loss of  many lives.

It would be wonderful if earthquakes really could be predicted before the event, so that people could be evacuated.

Dr Neil Whitehead has explored some very  unusual  incidents which people have reported from other earthquakes. One reported incident happened in Thailand, in a Buddhist temple, just prior to a major earthquake  there.  The candles which were burning in the temple, instead of having an upright flame, turned their flames into an arc which bent down towards the floor, just minutes before a major earthquake struck. The low-frequency electro-magnetic waves which are evident before an earthquake occurs is the explanation for such wierd and wonderful events as this temple-placed occurrence..

This is  the explanation given by Dr Whitehead as to  why some clocks go hay-wire just before an earthquake:  In the Kobe quake of 1995, people  reported  incidents with clocks, such  as the minute hand of a clock having gone  backward, or that  the hands of the clock had  sped  up and raced around the clock. Electrical appliances will sometimes behave strangely in the minutes just before an earthquake, due to interference from low-frequency radio waves.

Animals often behave strangely just  prior to an earthquake.  Dr Whitehead says that catfish are extremely sensitive to the low-frequency electro-magnetic waves which precede earthquakes.  Pets have a sixth sense which often  tells them about an imminent earthquake, causing them to take fright and scarper,  often  well before the earthquake has struck   Elephants in Thailand sense that an earthquake is coming, and will leave the area.  Horses have been known to bolt before an earthquake.  Dogs will sometimes run off:  Some dogs were reported to have disappeared the night before the event of the  earthquake which occurred in Napier, in 1931.

Sensitive people can pick up on the low-frequency waves well before an earthquake. It is common for there to be a strange stillness in the air just before an earthquake. I have heard this said about the Napier earthquake by people who were there in 1931.  Sometimes people have  perceived that ‘something is wrong’ and have taken flight, moving away from the scene of a potential disaster before it has happened.

Of course, some people have a sixth sense which does not need low-frequency radio waves to alert it:  Examples of this phenomena are evidenced when people have suddenly abandoned an aeroplane flight for no good reason: the flight has turned out to be a doomed one which crashed on its journey.

Earthquake stories:  Feel free to  leave comments on this site if you have any interesting stories to relate on any earthquake. – a  recollection of the Napier earthquake, or  stories of ‘freaky’ incidents from  any other earthquakes you might know about, including the Christchurch earthquake. I will publish any interesting stories for you all to read.

If you wish to contribute to Dr Whitehead’s research, go to


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