Christchurch Earthquakes 23 December 2011 More Predicted

Ken Ring, New Zealand’s own astrological weather-man,  might have very well predicted the spate of earthquakes which struck Christchurch just two days before Christmas, if only he had not been driven out of the spot-light earlier in the year by our NZ media who were on the side of the more conservative, and those jealous of their professional roles in predicting earthquakes by scientific means other than astrology.

No-one is right all the time -not our television weather-forecasters who get their information from the government weather office, and nor Ken Ring.  But do we dismiss the TV weather people’s advice because they often get it wrong?  No.  They are still there, making their predictions on the weather, and sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they get it wrong.  Ken Ring gets it right most of the time, but he has been ousted by NZ media.

Four large earthquakes were reported on television on the 23rd of December 2011, the first striking at just before 2PM daylight saving time, with a magnitude of either 5.6 or 5.8 – reports differed in the magnitude.  The second large one was supposed to have been much larger than the first, at 3.19PM, and was given a higher magnitude which settled at the figure of 6.0 on the Richter scale, after wavering around between 5.6 and 5.8 according to television reports.  A third stuck after this time, which was reported to be similar in magnitude to the first, and another large shake was evidenced at around 5PM which had a magnitude of 5.0.

This has really unsettled Cantabrians, to say the least.  Liquefaction has come again with a vengeance.  One man said that the earth was obviously sinking in one area hit by liquefaction, as this time the water welling up from the ground is markedly increased in volume compared to after the last earthquake in February.  The man interviewed on Channel 3 TV, who was an engineer, said that the land in his area had been declared safe to build on, but the man said that anybody could see that this land should NOT be built on again, as it was certainly sinking.  One has to question the wisdom of the councillors and so called ‘experts’ who have gone around the city with their coloured stickers to indicate whether buildings, or zones, are safe or not.

This new liquefaction has created fast-flowing rivers along many roads, plonking silt and slime into people’s back yards right up to the doorways of their houses.  Thousands of houses were without power – 15,000 according to one report, and many drains and roadways which have been fixed after the last earthquake in February, are now ruined again.

It is just such a blessing that nobody was killed this time.  Some people interviewed have said that all the buildings which would ever come down in a big earthquake have already fallen, which gives a small comfort to those still working and living in the area.  Mind you, this does not mean that there will not be any more deaths.  One thing I thought was a very strange decision on the part of council, with mind-boggling faulty logic, was that some people in Sumner were forbidden to live in their houses any more, because the rocks falling from the hills above might just roll down into the houses and kill or injure people.  OK.  I would not want to be living in one of those houses with those boulders ready to roll from the cliff-tops…..Yet the council left the roads in the same area open, because they said that cars which were moving along the road  below the cliffs had less of a chance of being hit by any falling rocks than the people in the houses, because the cars were in motion…..Really?  If this  prediction illustrates the wisdom of Jerry Brownlee and his ‘expert’ team, I don’t think there is too much hope for a new Christchurch.

My friends tell me that more earthquakes can be expected in another month, and again in June 2012.  I have just looked  up the date of the 23 December 2011 earthquakes in my ephemeris to get an idea of what is going on, and have compared this chart to one made in roughly a month’s time, and again in June.

This is no surprise, and I will explain why in a mo’.  Ken Ring, who is an expert in reading these things, would have picked up the December earthquakes in a flash, I am sure.  Christchurch council and the rigid minds of our current national party politicians would do well to give Ken Ring some sort of divinatory role on the government’s ‘Rebuild Christchurch’ portfolio.  Ken Ring would have much more sense than Gerry Brownlee, in my opinion.  who is getting fatter by the day in his newly created government role heading the rebuilding of Christchurch.   A little advice from Ken Ring could have avoided the huge wastage of money which has occurred in ploughing on with rebuilding, regardless of whether more earthquakes might strike.  Much money has been spent on fixing the Cathedral, and much of the good work has just been undone.  The expense of the rebuilding of many roads, which have been again destroyed after this last spate of earthquakes, could also have been avoided if Ken Ring had been left to do his predictions before this work was tackled.

Postscript on 31st December 2011:  The stars look shaky for the next month. The next vulnerable dates in New Zealand which I got for the next month, but which hadn’t gotten around to talking about, were the 30th December 2011,  1st January, hopefully a two week break of more settled weather with fewer shakes anywhere, then 15th January 2012,  and  the period 20 January – 23/24 January 2011.   I haven’t seen if earthquakes in Christchurch or anywhere else in NZ were more numerous  on the 30th December 2011, but we certainly had the storm of all storms on this day. Just have to wait and see what those next dates bring, if anything.  I am not acquainted with the method for making charts for places, which Ken Ring no doubt is, so I cannot give any estimation of location, or the physical nature of the event which these dates may bring. I reckon the 15th Jan and 23/24th are the  most vulnerable times for earthquakes in January:  Wellington, Napier/Hastings, or Christchurch areas could be affected.  I have been told that June  2012 could see more earthquakes – will check out those dates presently, in the next post following this one.

Postscript on 2nd January 2012: Well, my sense of an earthquake or other unusual weather event for the 1st January 2012 was spot-on as far as the date – but not for location, as  I had no idea where this happening would occur.  Turns out that there was a large earthquake south of Japan yesterday, the 1st January 2012.  This was a magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale.  Although its epicentre was 600 ks south of the capital tokyo, the earthquake rocked buildings in this city.  No damage was reported to any nuclear power plants or buildings, and more importantly, no lives were lost, and nobody was injured.


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