Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker’s Parka

Christchurch Earthquake Economic Recovery:

Mayor Of Christchurch Has Demanding Job

Our hats go off to the seemingly tireless Mayor of Christchurch, Mayor Bob Parker.  His job must be just so emotionally demanding, apart from requiring huge amounts of energy and determination to get things done, and to keep the people of Christchurch inspired.
Almost every day, we see him, in his parka,  giving some report to either media, or to official bodies connected with the Christchurch earthquake disaster.

Christchurch Loses Hosting of Rugby World Cup:

This morning, 17th March, 2011, he gave some of his time to Petra Bagust on the early morning breakfast show.  The object of the interview was mainly so that he could  express his feelings about being turned down for the Rugby World Cup which was to be hosted in Christchurch.

Mayor Bob said that the Rugby World Cup would have done so much to bring the economy back into shape and restore  confidence in the people of Christchurch.  I

It certainly would have been a happy event, if it could have been done:  The Mayor has accepted the news gracefully, although he is obviously very disappointed in losing the hosting of the cup.  He hopes that at least some of the big games could be held in the Canterbury area, if not in Christchurch.  Christchurch is the gateway to the South, he said, so even if some of the games were held in other stadiums outside of Christchurch, Christchurch will benefit if this is done.

Holding some of the games in the Canterbury area of the South Island, New Zealand, would certainly do a lot for the moral of the place.  Hopefully, the powers that be will consider having some of the major games there.

Petra Bagust summed up Mayor Bob Parker’s mood, which might well express the feelings of many Cantabrians right now:  “So – You are downhearted, but not broken”, she said.

Mayor Bob Parker sported his famous Red and Black Parka on the television today.  The red and black colours of his parka are the colours of Canterbury.

He has worn this red and black parka at every event, day after day, since the tragic earthquake in Christchurch, which has killed around 200 people.  Many people have had to leave their homes which have been wrecked.  The infrastructure of Christchurch has been seriously derailed. The earthquake has  destroyed many of the characteristic historic buildings of Christchurch.

Workers are busy all over Christchurch, in their many capacities, and they, and Mayor Bob Parker, have a huge task ahead of them to rebuild their city.

Funds are being raised for Christchurch in a variety of ways.  Someone had the bright idea of auctioning off Mayor Bob’s Parka a couple of weeks ago, to raise funds for Christchurch.  But he won’t part with it – This particular parka of Bob Parker’s has been to the South Pole, well before it carried him through the traumas of the earthquake.

Bob Parka is attached to his parka – It is the ideal garb for his job at the moment, where he has to trudge over parts of Christchurch almost every day, I should imagine.  The parka, he told us, is a great piece of equipment, as it can hold all sorts of necessary gear, without him carrying bags of stuff.  It can hold a packed lunch, and a water bottle, among other things such as pen and paper.

And it keeps him warm and dry.

Someone devised an alternative to bring in funds from the parka without taking it off the back of Mayor Bob Parker:  They have had an identical one made.  This was to be auctioned.

I haven’t caught up on whether the auction has taken place yet – but what a great idea.  The parka is a New Zealand icon, and it looks as if Mayor Bob Parker has reinvented and repopularized the good ol’ NZ parka.

Let’s hope that, if there is money to be made in it, some clothing manufacturer in Christchurch will begin making parkas, if they are not already doing it.  Let’s hope that they have not sent the work off to be done in China.

Mayor Bob Parker – You are doing a great job. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes – or your parka, for that matter.

I think you need more rest.  You look to be slightly worn down.  You need to keep your strength up – no use if you get sick from overwork and excessive worry.  Your fellow councillors should urge you to take a break – to leave your parka behind for a couple of weeks and take your family to have a decent holiday somewhere. And then bounce back, ready to don that parka again.


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