Depression and Earthquakes Predicted June-July 2013

Saturn Retrograde in Last Few Weeks of Retrograde Cycle:

This is always a time of upheavals and glitches, as Saturn, at the zenith of its Retrograde cycle,  exerts an increasing influence of tension over all things, mineral, vegetable, mind and matter.

DSCO 1850

This is a time of changes for many:  New beginnings are taking their seed, and these seeds will begin to grow when Saturn changes to Direct Motion on the 7th July, 2013.

Mercury is Retrograde also, for that one week before Saturn goes Direct, and this intensifies the effect of Saturn.  There are likely to be a few more earthquakes and bad weather around the time Mercury becomes Direct again, on or around the 21-22 July, 2013.

We often see  the re-organization of established patterns or orders as we know them, after Saturn has stretched us to the limit at the end of the Retrograde cycle.  Then, when Saturn goes Direct again, things tend to become more stable and organized once more.

Right now, and increasingly so until July 7th 2013, Saturn’s influence is becoming stronger.

If you have a ‘Saturn Return’, which means that the current placement of Saturn is hovering over your own birth, or Natal Saturn, then you will be experiencing much difficulty and stress right now.  Saturn Retrograde over your own Saturn will be causing much depression, low self-image, and uncertainty.  Just hang on in there – because after the 7th July, 2013, when Saturn goes Direct again, you will be feeling a whole lot better.

Saturn is in Scorpio right now, so Scorpio people will most surely be affected, especially if their birthday falls in the last week of October.  And of course, all people who have Saturn in Scorpio will be affected by the Retrograde movement of Saturn in Scorpio at this time.

The New Moon this coming weekend could see some violent earthquakes in various places.  This could be an exceedingly stressful time for people with Saturn over Sun, or Moon, or their own Saturn right now, or Squares to the Saturn.

Gemini people will have a very mixed bag with the New Moon, with sudden wealth or opportunities presenting themselves, but also some deceptive forces hanging about which could steal some of this wealth and opportunity away if you are not careful.  The same opportunities, and also threatening forces, will be prominent again in two weeks time, when we have the Moon transitting the Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, coming up to Full Moon  in Capricorn.

Generally speaking, without seeing your own personal charts, my guess is that Scorpio, Sagittarius and Gemini people will be more affected than others by this Full Moon.  People with birthdays in the last week of December, at the beginning of the Capricorn cycle, might also be afected.

Earthquakes and other major weather disturbances are likely , over the weekend on the 8th and 9th June, and especially around the 19th and 20th of June, 2013, when Moon is over Retro Saturn, and again a few days later, on the Full Moon.

The Moon will influence the planet and its people more profoundly because of a line-up of planets which are in Gemini at the moment.  Over the weekend, on the 8th and 9th of June, 2013, we have a New Moon, which means that the Moon will also be in Gemini, conjuncting with the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, which are all in Gemini right now.  But this otherwise auspicious configuration has Pluto and a Retrograde Saturn both beaming in from the top in Opposition, which is why there is a possibility of major disturbances of a violent and sudden nature.

The days just prior to July 7th, 2013, and leading up to the 7th July, will also be a vulnerable time for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, floods, etc, as well as domestic violence, accidents, and suicides.

If you are suffering depression, then have faith that things will improve after the seventh of July 2013, when Saturn goes Direct again.

Read Merrilyn’s other post:  Saturn Retrograde Inciting Spate of Earthquakes and Violence.




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