Earthquake in NZ and Apocalypse Predicted by Preacher 2011

Judgement Day is Near Says American Preacher

The article which was headed “Apocalypse Soon” appeared in ‘Herald On Sunday’, May 8th 2011. It announces that a massive earthquake will hit New Zealand on the 21st May, 2011, just two weeks away.

I am amazed: The same paper published an article just a couple of weeks ago which said that Ken Ring, who, you will remember, has predicted earthquakes in Christchurch before, has had to leave his home in New Zealand,  and has run away into hiding. He has received death threats, and he fears for the safety of himself and his family. This situation has come about because of his earthquake and weather predictions, which , on the whole, have not been received at all well by New Zealanders since the Christchurch earthquake.

Kiwis are a very down-to-earth bunch of people. Kiwis are flightless birds, and this handicap might well describe the average Kiwi-sceptic,  and his tunnel vision, I think.

A sect of fundamental Christians believe that the Apocalypse is going to happen on the 21st May this month.

If Ken Ring had said that the Apocalypse was going to arrive this month, on the 21 May, 2011, to be exact, Ken Ring most certainly would not get to live another day. But he didn’t do that – all he did was to warn New Zealanders that on a specific day, when the moon was closest to the earth, we could expect an earthquake. Well – it did all happen pretty much as Ken Ring described, only, generally speaking,  New Zealand media and government officials have attempted to ostracize him, despite his predictions being close-to-the-mark.

Interestingly enough – Christchurch New Zealand had a large ‘after-shock’ just two days ago, a 5.3 magnitude.  Ken Ring has said ‘no more predictions for New Zealand’, and so he was silent on this earthquake.  However, Rachel Smalley on  ‘Firstline’ News yesterday said that New Zealand ‘experts’ had accurately predicted this earthquake, and one other.  Therein, I think lies the real reason that Ken Ring has been quietened:  There is an element of competition and jealousy between the ‘professional’ orthodox weather/earthquake people,  and Ken Ring, who they say has no authority to predict earthquakes or weather because he has no qualifications.  Ken Ring, who has long experience in predicting weather patterns from the activity of the moon and other planets,  has been right on many occasions, whereas the ‘professional’ forecasters have not had a clue.  Like drug companies, and some doctors, who are trying to oust homeopathy from a medical doctor’s range of therapeutics, because it presents competition to their methodologies,  the professional, weather/earthquake people have ousted Ken Ring.

Well, Ken Ring has nothing on this American fellow, Harold Camping. This 89 year old preacher from Oaklands, California, has predicted the end of the world as we know it, and his Doomsday date, based on his own study of the Bible and its prophesies, combined with a bit of mathematical calculation (imagine Ken Ring getting away with this in New Zealand), is due to happen on the 21 May. This is only a couple of weeks away.

Harold Camping predicts a violent earthquake, which, he reckons, will see graves cracked open, the bodies of sinners discarded, whilst the true believers get taken to Heaven.

He runs a Christian radio station in America called ‘Family Radio’. This organization owns 66 radio stations across America. It broadcasts to Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  He has a large following in New Zealand:  His parishioners have their church services at each others’ houses, and they do not advertize their sect.

He predicts that New Zealand will be hit first by a massive earthquake at 6 PM in the evening of the 21st May, 2011. This earthquake of destruction will then roll over the whole world.

Ken Ring was accused of ‘scaremongering’ when all he did was to warn people to prepare for an earthquake.  He didn’t say that it was the end of the world, or even the end of Christchurch.  Yet government officials and many other educated people banded together to ostracize him.  But all the while, an American preacher has been predicting the end of the world for quite some time, and the media are almost ignoring the warning.

I think I would put more faith in Ken Ring’s predictions.


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