Earthquake Indonesia 11th April 2012 Triggered By Mars Retro

Astrology For Mars Triggering Earthquakes:  Mars is moving towards its Direct motion again, after being Retrograde since January, 2012.  I wrote a post earlier today around 3 PM,  entitled ‘Mars Going Direct is Causing Accidents, Unsettled Weather and Emotional Conditions”, where I predicted that this week would most likely see major earthquakes somewhere in the world, with other disruptions occurring as well.

This  Mars changeover, combined with Saturn still being Retrograde,  has triggered an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia, near Banda Aceh, in the Indian Ocean.  This is the same area which was affected so badly and so tragically  in 2004, when an earthquake of similar size was followed by a large tsunami.

The Indonesian earthquake happened tonight in this North-West Sumatra area, around 20 minutes to 7,  New Zealand time, and was 8.6 magnitude, according to the Richter scale.  The first reading on the news was 8.9 magnitude, but this became 8.6 on the news at 10.30 PM.  BBC News at 1.33 AM NZ time says that the US Geological Survey has reported the magnitude as 8.7.

Shaking lasted for as long as 4 minutes today, but the effects were nothing like the disastrous result of the 2004 Indonesian earthquake.  Today’s earthquake produced a small tsunami which was less than a metre high, although it was a sizeable earthquake.  Scientists believe that no major tsunami eventuated today because the earthquake had a horizontal movement, rather than the vertical movement of 2004.  The 2004 eartquake-tsunami was a terrible tragedy for the region, with many lives lost and homes destroyed.

A tsunami warning was issued, and a small tsunami less than a metre high was said to have come into the shore of  Banda Aceh, but no damage occurred, and no-one was killed. People retreated to higher ground this time, just in case there was a big wave similar to the event of 2004.

A tsunami warning was even given for Perth, in Australia, where one of my sons is living now, but no tsunami wave was experienced there.  The tsunami warning in Indonesia  is now reported to have been lifted, according to BBC News at 1.38 AM NZ time. There was also a  tsunami warning for India, and this has also been lifted.

Around five hours ago, I put up a post entitled ‘Mars Going Direct is causing accidents’, etc, ‘  in which I said that earthquakes and other disruption to the planet and people’s emotions would increase over the next five days.  Within five hours, this Earthquake had struck, suggesting that my predictions for earthquakes over the period of transition for Mars might be correct. This liklihood of disruptive events is because Mars is just ending its Retrograde cycle, and is in the process of ‘going Direct, which it will be doing on the 16th April, 2012.

The week just prior to a Planet’s turning either Retrograde, or Direct again, is the most intense time as we experience it here on Earth.  The changeover period from Direct to Retrograde, or Retrograde to Direct, when the Planet doing the changeover appears to be sitting, unmoving, in the sky, is usually one which sees an increase in disruptions of many kinds, or disruptive behaviour,  including human violence, warring, suicide, dog-bites, heart attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions.  Changes to Mars and Mercury are especially relevant when it comes to the stability of the Earth, and also to the stability of people’s and animals emotions, feelings, and actions, and physical well-being.

Mars is the God of War, and so Mars can incite emotions or events which cause  sudden and violent actions or movements in humankind, animals, and the Planet itself.

Mars is due to go Direct again on the 16th April, 2012, which is only 5 or 6 days away, depending on whether you live in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere.  Once the changeover has occurred, we should see more settled circumstances here on Earth, with fewer earthquakes and other weather disturbances.  That is, until one or more Planets either change their movement from Retro to Direct, or vice versa, or they line up with other Planets which intensify their effect.  The next Planet to change its cycle is Saturn, which will ‘go Direct’ again in June, 2012.  Just before Saturn goes Direct in June, we can expect more disruptions and difficulties than usual, but this effect will again be very intense just until Saturn moves into its Direct motion.

Of course, I am only discussing the obvious vulnerable times here, according to the Retrograde Planets.  This does not mean that the periods in between will necessarily be without their challenges, as there will be other important line-ups which I have not considered at this point.

Saturn at the moment is also Retrograde, which gives more intensity to all things related to Mars, especially while Mars is still Retrograde.  So expect more disturbances from today through until next week, around the 16th or 17th April, 2012, when things should settle down a bit.


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