Earthquakes Mexico and Indonesia 12th April 2012 Mars Retro

Astrology For Mars Causing Earthquakes and Other Disruptions:

Just as I predicted in my earlier posts – more earthquakes today, the 12th April 2012.   We will have more earthquakes and many storms in many places in the world before Mars goes Direct next week,  on the 6 to 7th of April, 2012.  We can pretty much expect quite large earthquakes each day until Mars turns to its Direct motion again.

As I have pointed out in yesterday’s post ‘Mars Going Direct Is Causing Accidents, Unsettled Weather’ etc, Mars, Mercury and Saturn all affect the incidence of earthquakes and other phenomenon when these Planets go from Retrograde motion to Direct motion again. This is especially so when all these Planets are Retrograde, which they have been until recently, when Mercury took on its Direct motion again.

The earthquake which struck Chile on the 25th March 2012, just a couple of weeks back, was ‘on the cards’ because all three Planets were Retrograde at this time, just as the Sun moved parallel to Uranus – often a trigger for unusual weather or other phenomenon, especially when Mercury, Mars and Saturn were all Retrograde.  The recent New Moon would also have had a bearing on the Chile event.

This week until the 16th or 17th April next week is especially vulnerable to earthquakes, and other sudden events ruled by the fire of  Mars, such as volcanic eruptions, electricity stations,  heart attacks, war, arguments, problems in travel, suicide,  car accidents, and other unfortunate events.  This is because Mars is at its most intense position right now, with much tension and ‘pull’ being exerted, as it sits out there in the sky, appearing to us from Earth as if it is not moving at all.  Of course, it IS still moving, but as seen from Earth, it is not changing its degree in its sign at all.  This apparent stationary position affects all energies here on Earth, and it is this tension on things which can induce earthquakes and strange weather phenomenon.

Mars and Saturn are both still Retrograde, but Mars is in the process of making its return to Direct motion, and so, because it is at the zenith of its Retrograde cycle, the last five days or so before it turns is usually the most volatile, with many unpredictable events occurring during this period.  This does not mean that there will be no more earthquakes or storms after this cycle is past – I am only looking at the liklihood of more earthquakes etc, etc, occurring right now  based on the fact that Mars is going Direct in a few days, while Saturn is still Retrograde.  When Saturn goes Direct again in June, it is likely there will be more disruptions several days before it makes its turn to Direct motion – however, I need to look up my ephemeris to see what else is happening at this time.  Right now, with Mars and Saturn Retrograde, and Mars making its turn, it is a fairly safe bet that this tension will cause tension here on Earth somehow, with Earthquakes, possible volcanic eruptions, storms, tornadoes and other bad conditions releasing the tension from within the Earth, and that people and animals’ behaviour will also be affected.

One big earthquake hit Mexico today, and another quite big aftershock hit the Indonesia area, where two big quakes were felt yesterday.


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