Effect of Common Prescription Drugs or Legal Party Drugs

Preserve Your Health

Any drug will have a harmful effect on the human body and/or the mind.  The most benign of drugs – aspirin- has a profound effect on the body, including the circulatory system.  It thins out the blood, and so it is used often for people at risk of stroke.

Warfarin, which is derived from another anticoagulant which is used in rat poison, is over subscribed, in my opinion.  Many people are given this drug at the first sign of high blood pressure, or circulatory problems.  They stay on it for the rest of their lives, much to the satisfaction of the drug companies who are making a mint, encouraging this mind-set of drug dependency.

Warfarin, and also aspirin, given to prevent strokes, causes tiny blood blisters to form under the skin.  While these drugs might help clear clots from the blood, and prevent more from forming,  these things actually thin and weaken out the walls of the veins and arteries.  I have noted this effect by observing  my aunts and uncles who took this stuff.  They suffered small lesions, like blood blisters, which came up on the trunk of the body.  These tiny blood blisters, which sometimes grew, were actually a symptom of bleeding under the skin.  This meant that, in fact, they were more prone to getting strokes and heart failure, as the veins to heart and brain would also be affected in the same way.

It all seems such a shame that so many people are dependent on drugs such as these, when, often, simple vitamin C – the non-acidic variety, i think, will avert danger of stroke, heart attack, clots, and many other things. A simple 1000mg dose, taken once or twice a day, in most cases, will avert illness, and HELP TO RESTORE THE TISSUES NATURALLY.  Drugs such as warfarin and aspirin do not repair anything – they erode tissues instead.  But Vitamin C, for the moment, until the drug companies get their hands on the marketing of it, is very cheap.  And you don’t have to pay a doctor to get it.

Young people need to realize that there is the same danger in the party drugs, or performance drugs which they can procure legally.  They are told that these things are safe, and so they believe that they are not damaging their healt

to be continued


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