Free Marijuana To Christchurch Earthquake Victims

Christchurch Earthquake
Marijana Distributed For Free
I have never heard of this before. This is madness, and a complete waste of money, in my opinion.
What is New Zealand coming to, I ask.  Who decided that this should be done, and what authority endorsed this move?  Maybe we have a gang influence in parliament right now?   Someone must have benefitted financially from this free distribution of marijuana – it had to be bought from somewhere.
On the one hand,  we are arresting people for growing and selling the stuff, and on the other, here we are legally giving the stuff out for free.
Yesterday’s news early in the morning gave us a clip of a cargo of narcotics having just arrived in Christchurch, to be given out for free, I guess on a first in, first served, basis.
We were given a glimpse of the little packets of marijuana, and, I think, cigarettes, which were about to be distributed in Christchurch.
The drug and  alchohol help agencies were reported as being concerned about this action.  Some specialist doctors were interviewed briefly, and both these people expressed their concerns.
Domestic violence rises when people are under incredible stress, such as that which people experience after an earthquake, or other natural disaster.  But giving people drugs of any kind, in the opinion of the drug and alcohol agencies, is not going to help the situation at all.
What will happen when the drugs run out?


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