Hindu Prayers Appease Gods In Auckland 15 April 2011

Time To Appease Gods, Seek Mercy

Indian Newslink 15/4/2011

There is a wonderful article in the above  New Zealand “Indian Newslink” paper, written by Venkat Raman,  which tells us about the  importance of prayer to help heal the world, and of the prayer meeting due to happen at the end of this month, for the purpose of appeasing the Gods.

The many natural disasters which have caused havoc in many parts of the world, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions,  and the calamities directly caused by man’s stupidity in tampering with the forces of nature, such as nuclear power plants and their implosions, are all eventuating because of man’s lack of respect for God and Nature.

Meddling with nuclear power, which we do not  fully understand, tampering with the atmosphere, such as with with the huge transmitter-space station in Switzerland,  radar signals, satellite technology, cell-phone technology which jams up the atmosphere with electromagnetic signals,  space travel, etc, all have an effect on the earth, its axis, weather patterns, and the movement of tectonic plates. In Venkat Raman’s words:

“Hindus believe that major upheavals occur when humans across the world perpetrate serious acts of impropriety and breach tenets of justice and decency.  They say that when the evil gets the better of the good, Nature becomes ferocious and remains agitated, until people join hands to appease it with prayers.”

The Vedic idea is that Lord Shiva, who is the destroyer of all evil, becomes very ferocious and angry and performs “Rudra Thandavam”, or the “Ultimate Dance of Destruction” when man becomes selfish and greedy and disregards God and Nature.  This is a time when ‘YAGNA’, prayers to appeal to Lord Shiva, are necessary to help remedy the woes of the world.

The Power Of Prayer:  Prayer and Mediation, and the Singing of Mantras, help to generate positive electromagnetic energy which can help to heal the disturbances of the planet, and the disturbances in people’s minds. An important gathering to consciously make an effort for change is happening soon in the Balmoral Hindu Temple, Bhartiya Mandir.   for prayers, for the singing of Bhajans, and discourses on the Power of God  will be held at the Bhartiya Mandir in Balmoral, Auckland, on April 30th 2011.

This meeting has been organized so that people can get together “to pray for the common good”.  Hindus from other temples, people of different religions, are all invited to pray for the common good.  I myself will certainly not miss this important and very special gathering, where people will unite in the name of good, so that our world will become a better place.
Venkat Raman’s article gives the following information on the programme:

Prayers will include the Rudra Yag

The Bhartiya Mandir Trust is hosting the prayer meeting.

The meeting will be held at Bhartiya Mandir, 252 Balmoral Road, Mt Albert, Auckland.

Day:  Saturday, April 30 from 8.15AM

Contact number:  09 8462677


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