Jane Fonda Used Testosterone To Increase Libido

More Celebrity Stuff:  The papers are full of it.   ‘The Stir’ just yesterday, August 22nd 2011,  said  ‘Jane Fonda’s Aging  Secret is Just Plain Dangerous.’  Our New Zealand Herald had an article on her testosterone admission.  The ‘Daily Mail’ said ‘after advising women of a certain age how to pep up their sex lives’,  the ‘fitness guru’ Jane Fonda has owned up to taking Testosterone.

The male hormone Testosterone was used by Jane Fonda to enhance her sex life and prolong her youthful vitality, but beware anybody who wishes to follow her example.

What a pity to be so addicted to fame, to sex, and to possessing a youthful image:  Jane Fonda has recently acknowledged that she used testosterone to increase  her sex drive and enhance her youthful appearance.   She did not talk about this in her recent book, but she has since  ‘come out’ with this revelation.

Many of her fans will feel let down, as Jane has managed to create the illusion that her wonderful vitality and youthfulness, and her professed libido, are all due to her attitude to life, which incorporates a rigorous fitness programme.

However, Jane has also acknowledged that, as well as using testosterone,  she has had cosmetic surgery to help maintain her flawless image of health and beauty.

Jane Fonda, who became an overnight movie sensation with her ‘Barbarella’ role, says she took the male hormone testosterone from the age of 60  to improve her sex life and diminish  the aging process.  However, after taking it for several years, she says that she stopped taking it because it caused acne.

Robbie Williams has also announced that he takes testosterone to help his energy levels, and says that he has never felt better.

But taking hormones to enhance vitality can never be a good thing:  Hormone therapy such as testosterone  might appear to be giving you extra strength and drive for a time, but this artificial stimulant will cause ill health in the end.  Robbie Williams needs to be very careful, as he is relatively young:  What is the use in taking such a drug which will give only a temporary upliftment, only to cause damaging effects to organs later on?  The testosterone hormone therapy will cause  his body to wear out before time,  as if he hasn’t beaten it about enough already through hard living, and to develop degenerative disease such as cancer, or parkinson’s, or arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, any of which will be extremely debilitating.

How To Increase Testosterone through Diet:  The natural way to increase Testosterone levels is to reduce your intake of fatty foods:  Dr Whitaker, who is quoted in the book “New Choices In Natural Healing”, edited by Bill Gottlieb, former editor of ‘Prevention’ magazine, says that testosterone levels are increased when the fat intake is reduced, and that this has the result of improving the libido, the sex drive.

Other foods which are supposed to help the sex drive are Fava beans, and Soy beans.  This is because they contain Dopamine, a naturally ocurring chemical which assists the  production of sexual hormones.  Note:  Some people are allergic to fava beans.  Symptoms of intolerance to fava beans are a yellowing of the eyes and skin, which indicates that the liver is overloaded.

Eating more fibre, which helps reduce toxins in the body, is also helpful in maintaining a healthy sex life.


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